Important Questions to Ask before Choosing your Office Space in Del Mar

Del Mar, a small beach city in San Diego, California, is a relatively new city established in 1959. Known for beaches, bio-tech, and craft beer, Del Mar has become a new destination for startups. So, if you are looking for your first office space in Del Mar, you need to choose the best.

Choosing a suitable office space can be challenging, as one wrong decision can have several repercussions for your endeavor. For instance, opening a Del Mar office in the wrong location can make you inaccessible, thereby costing you valuable clients and employees. What’s more, you need to choose an office based on your business’s future needs too, not only your present situation.

To be sure, here are a few essential questions you must ask before choosing an office space.

Does the office space have enough room to accommodate your business’s growing needs?

It would be best if you considered your immediate office needs and the future growth of your business. Your space requirements may change over the lease term. If you cannot afford extra space as of now, try taking the lease for a shorter term. By doing this, you can move to a bigger space as your business grows. Also, consider whether the office space has open office layouts for customization according to your requirements. Nearly 1/3rd of San Diego’s population consists of millennials. Therefore, ensure to check if the office space meets the needs of the younger generation of employees.

Does the office have space for meeting clients?

If you need to meet your clients or hold meetings for your employees regularly, you must ensure that the office space you choose has a special meeting room or conference hall. Such a space will save you from renting out an additional space when needed or meeting your clients in a nearby restaurant. Having such a facility speaks professionalism and seriousness towards your business.

Is the location suitable for your key clients and employees?

Del Mar has a robust transit system through road and rail. Still, you need to ensure that your chosen office space is conveniently located in an easily accessible place. An expensive, lengthy, inconvenient commute may force them to seek another business.

If you leave an accessible location for cheaper office space in a remote area of Del Mar, you may probably end up losing your valuable clients and employees. Even if this is the age of video conferencing, it’s essential to make face-to-face meetings manageable for all.

Is there an appropriate parking space in the area?

The average car ownership in Del Mar, CA is 2 cars per household. Thus your local employees are likely to use cars to commute to their workplaces. Give attention to the parking space available in the area and how much it would cost you, your employees, and clients. Find out if special parking rates can be negotiated for your regular employees.

Are there any hidden costs included in the rent?

Besides the cost of rent, consider other expenses too, including utilities, moving expenses, repair costs, transit costs, etc. Calculate the total outlay before finalizing a Del Mar office space.

What amenities are available in the vicinity?

Having gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and other such facilities in the neighborhood keeps your employees and clients happy. During lunchtime or after office hours, they can have some enjoyable time there. Banks, medical facilities, meeting spaces, walking tracks, and other such facilities are also preferable. As Del Mar is a beach town, proximity to the beaches is another great perk to look for.

Who will take care of the repairs?

While you use the office space, it might need repairs from time to time. These repairs may make a significant expense at times. If the landlord has taken responsibility for those repair costs, ensure that they will handle them in time. If you have to pay for the repairs, make some room for them in your budget. So, negotiate the rent accordingly.

Can you customize the space as per your business needs?

While renting an office space, you would want to make it your own and customize it a bit according to your business needs. But many landlords do not want you to knock down the walls or change the entire structure of their building. So, before you rent a space, enquire about how much change you can make to it.

Is it a safe location for your business?

Incidents of car thefts, burglaries, vandalism, and extortions in the US have increased significantly over the last few years. If you are searching for a Del Mar office space, check the neighborhood and check the area’s crime rate. You can talk to the nearby business owners and enquire about any past crime incidences. Your employees and clients need to feel safe in your workplace.

While looking for office space in Del Mar, ask these questions to make the right decision for your business.