Key Factors to Consider When buying Massage Guns

Professional athletes and bodybuilders put their bodies under immense strain. This usually results in muscle stiffness and pain. To reach our ultimate fitness goals and physical limits, we push even further. Professional athletes use different techniques to help speed up the muscle healing process in order for them to get back on the track and exercise even more.

One of the techniques professionals use to cope with muscle soreness is using a massage gun. This nifty device, also known as a percussion gun, relieves stiffness and knots in muscles after rigorous exercising. It’s basically a handheld device in the shape of a large and bulky gun that sends deep vibrations into the muscles.

Through the penetration technique, it loosens up soreness for a much faster recovery. Read this article to learn more about the function and design of a percussion gun. If you have been experiencing intense muscle stiffness, knots, and soreness, then you should definitely consider getting your hands on one of them.

With the number of brands out there claiming to have the best design, it can be difficult to find one that is actually worth the price tag. Here are a few tips on key factors you have to consider when shopping around for one:

Power and Battery Life

Most percussion devices are cordless, making them easy to transport to and from the gym and training facility. In order for the device to create a strong penetration it needs strong batteries. Batteries are usually rechargeable and are placed in the handle part of the device.

A good quality battery will be Lithium and 12-24 Volts with 2500mAh. The higher the quality the longer the battery life will be. When you use your device on a regular basis, you should charge the gun at least once every day for optimum use.

Speed and Power

The intensity of the massage is determined by the speed and power of the gun. When a device has a higher wattage, it will provide a much deeper penetration into the muscles. Higher wattage also has an effect on torque, which allows the nozzle of the device to penetrate faster and deeper into the muscles.

Considering what exactly you want the massager to achieve, you should consider the power intensity. If you are a pro athlete who exercises everyday and have constant struggles with muscle soreness, then a powerful massage gun is for you. When you need something a little more subtle, then you should consider a purchasing a softer percussion massager with moderate levels of power intensity.

Weight of Massage Guns

Because it’s a one hand operated device, you should definitely consider the weight of it. Not only will you have to carry it around in your gym bag, but you’ll also have to be able to hold onto it when it starts vibrating. When it’s too heavy, your hand and wrists will start hurting. The average weight of one of these devices are between 2-2.5 pounds. Anything heavier than that should be reconsidered.

Customizable Settings and Extra Features

Electrical power drills and tools all come with additional customizable settings, so should your percussion massager. It should come with different speed and intensity settings as well as different rotational angles.

Most high-quality devices come with a variety of head attachments, some even with more than 5 different types. These are designed and shaped to target specific muscle groups. Depending on whether you want a general device or target specific areas more intensely, you have to consider a model with many different head attachments.

Volume and Noise Disturbance

The massage gun can be quite a noisy device. It vibrates and pulsates at a tremendous speed combined with a powerful motor it’s a recipe for a loud noise. Before purchasing one, you should check the stats on its decibel levels. Most percussion massage guns have decibel levels between 50–68. If you want one that is almost noiseless, you are going to have to pay a little bit extra. These have decibel levels of between 30-40.


With any kind of power tool there will have to be some kind of warranty. Manufacturers of these kinds of tools are usually very confident of their products and thus offer warranties ranging between 1-3 years. It’s a great sign when a manufacturer has a warranty available for the device, especially for the motor parts.

As you might know, massage guns (especially high-quality ones) are pricey. You don’t want to be stuck with a device that is broken and can’t be replaced because the manufacturer doesn’t provide a warranty.


RPM of any percussion device refers to the Revolutions Per Minute. Basically, this is the number of times the nozzle penetrates back and forth within a minute. Most massage guns have an RPM between 2000-3200. Anything less than that won’t give you the desired results you need.

Percussion and Vibration

Typically referred to as the amplitude, this is the feature that determines how deep into the skin the gun hit. A high amplitude means that the percussion and vibration is much more intense. Even when the RPM isn’t as high, but the amplitude is – you will experience a much deeper penetration.

Most devices will have a setting where you can change the amplitude intensity from softer to deeper penetration. Setting it to a high amplitude will be a bit more painful, but it will give your muscle tissue a strong vibration. Pro athletes and bodybuilders prefer high amplitudes, since it speeds up the healing process and targets deep into the skin where a normal sport’s massage won’t.


The last determining factor is the brand. Well-known brands are usually popular because they manufacture high quality products made from durable materials and machinery. Consider purchasing a percussion gun from a well-known brand. This doesn’t mean you should rule out smaller brands, but just make sure how credible they are before purchasing.

Investing in a massage gun can be your ticket to faster recovery and a painless body after strenuous workouts.