Guide on High Paying Part-Time Jobs – For International Students

With this outstanding platform, you are at the right place if you are looking for a part-time job as an international student. Australia is the best study abroad education destination according to the global academic parameter. Only 20 hours of a part-time job for international students is allowed as per the visa norms of Australia. Moreover, the working hours are very strictly limited for international students. These part-time jobs will give you benefits in your medical assignment help such as biology assignment help. And it becomes very important to find a high-paying job that fetches the highest revenue in a limited time.

Although we have listed down some of the immoderate paying jobs, the fact wishes to be noted that the ultimate revenue would remember how an extraordinary deal an employee is inclined to pay. It is the frequent pay for the particular job, which is mirrored in this blog. As per the country-wide statistics, the minimal pay per hour is 19.40 AUD. A small part-time work would be enough to undergo the day-by-day rate of residing in Australia.

We have contacted our crew of university college students in Australia, and it is definitely based on their trip that we are imparting this web publication beforehand than you. The scholar with immoderate academic and language abilities with terrific journeys may additionally choose to reap an immoderate paying part-time job in Australia. We fairly advocate for university college students to pick out the particular jobs in which they keep their expertise.

Food Chain Crew Member

The meals chain enterprise is one of the precise industries that would pay its part-time people with plenty greater pay than its full-time employees. Students ought to search for a section-time job for global college students in giant-scale meal chain industries like KFC and McDonalds, which are usually in need of workers.

The pupil working in these stores may want to earn from 21 to 24 AUD an hour (provided that the primary wage would solely attain up to $ four an hour). The pupil is required to maintain a respectable talent in English conversation to avail jobs in these outlets. Only a mediocre stage of talent set is required in this job.


This job is suitable for college students who have thorough expertise in academics. If the college students have accurate education and conversation skills, then a phase time job for worldwide college students as a tutor is a quality suitable for them. You may want to strategy countless tutoring businesses for this job and should fetch a first-rate quantity of $ 26 per hour. An enterprise ought to fetch you four to 5 hours of work a week.

The college students may want to earn up to $30 an hour if they want to achieve the job of a personal tutor. The wage margin in this job would fantastically fluctuate as per the ride of the candidate. The wage for a phase-time job for worldwide college students as a non-public domestic tutor is very excessive in Australia.

Office Manager

Any scholar who is properly efficient in the Microsoft workplace and has a nice perception of the workplace processes should practice for this job. The work should be a little difficult due to the fact it requires an excessive degree of organizational capacity and problem-solving skills. Finding a job as a workplace supervisor in medium-scale corporations as a section-time job for global college students is pretty simple. If you are looking for any academic homework help, this informative article will help you a lot. The college students may want to fetch a respectable $25 to $30 in this job and with a guaranteed working time of 20 hours a week.

The candidate for workplace supervisor must have the potential to efficiently operate the everyday workplace tasks.


Because of the liberal legal guidelines for protected consuming in Australia, discovering a bartending phase time job for worldwide college students is very easy. There is constantly an emptiness for the bartending jobs in each town of Australia. The candidates with excessive warfare decision abilities, understanding of the neighborhood language, expertise of drink mixing, etc. are exceedingly desired for this job. You may want to get paid $20 to $25 per hour in the job of a bartender. The PayScale would be a lot greater for the candidates who have ridden in the bartending jobs.

Customer provider legit in metro

The section-time job for global college students in the metro is a prestigious one due to the fact it’s a government-controlled organization. The identical standards would make sure that its personnel is paid befittingly on a well-timed basis. The scholar should avail of all public vacations whilst working as a client-provider reputable in the metro. The fundamental charge for this job degrees from $25 to $28 per hour. The price would hike to $32 per hour if the employee is inclined to work on a holiday.

The Bottom Lines

After reading this informative post, you may come to know all the important jobs in foreign countries that you can do while having study. Hopefully, the information shared through this post regarding part-time jobs in foreign countries will help you.