Amazing Beauty and Wellness Tips for this New Year

The beginning of a New Year calls for time for reflection, and everyone wants to start it off better than the one before. Typical goals and aspirations revolve around diet, ways to slim down, fitter, or improve personal wealth, which can often be unattainable. But there is more to wellness and having a better new year than simply looking slimmer. Want to mix things up and branch out from the norm? Read on to discover some amazing beauty and wellness tips to start your new year off right.

Protect your Nails

The health of nails tends to take a backseat – and too often than not, the focus revolves around skincare, haircare, and exercise. Maintaining well-groomed, healthy nails that you are proud to showcase at work or when going out doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet will go a long way to minimise breakages by ensuring that your nails are strong. However, if you fall under the weak nail category, taking a biotin supplement will help.

Keeping nails on the shorter side also reduces breakage, with regular trimming helping to avoid snagging. Moisturise cuticles frequently and keep your manicures minimal with simple nail gel ideas to preserve the health of the nail.

Rely less on Electronic Devices

More people than ever rely heavily on the use of electronic devices. From laptops to mobile phones to tablets, the usage grows exponentially, and device fatigue is very real. This is particularly true over the past two years, where many have been spending more time indoors than due to the pandemic. And while it’s easier said than done, it is possible to limit your reliance this new year. Aim to get some habits in place that will help make the transition.

Don’t look at a device first thing in the morning when you wake up, and make sure that you put your devices down at least an hour before getting into bed. Have an idea or remembered something and want to jot it down on your phone? Treat yourself to a beautiful new notebook and pen for the new year and write it down instead. You can also try turning off your alerts and try putting your phone in aeroplane mode. Once you have established stable habits, you can then challenge yourself to a whole 24 hours free of devices once a month, or even a week!

Get Active

Increasing physical activity is a great goal to have for the new year. But instead of aiming for the usual workouts 3-4 times a week, strive to be active every day. Though, that’s not to say that you have to do a gruelling 45-minute workout. Aim for short 10-minute bursts throughout the day, such as going for a quick walk, jumping rope before work, or some vigorous stretches.

When added together, that equals 30 minutes of activity daily. Not only will this help you to look great, but it will also make you feel great, helping to prevent disease in the body while boosting your mental health thanks to endorphins.

Go Natural with your Beauty Regime

Take a look at your current beauty regime and update it with some organic, natural substitutes that are gentler and kinder to your skin. Unfortunately, many chemicals are used in makeup and skincare, and none are good. Do thorough research before buying new products and learn more about the toxic chemicals found in beauty products by checking out the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. The aim is to find products with as few non-toxic ingredients as possible, or better yet, products that use completely natural ingredients such as cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

Incorporate one new Healthy Food item into your Diet each Week

Experiment and spice up your diet by adding one healthy, new food into your weekly shop. Not only is it a great way of mixing up your meals and trying something new, incorporating more fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, spices, etc., will do wonders for your health. Healthy eating promotes overall longevity and prevents disease, and reduces inflammation. You can consider diets as the pillar of beauty and wellness tips.

Think Positive

A mind is a powerful tool, and maintaining a more positive mindset could make a noticeable difference in your life in the upcoming year. While being positive all the time is easier said than done, finding or creating your mantra or power phrase to hold onto and repeat during negative times can make a big difference. After all, sometimes, we have to be our cheerleaders. Try to spend your time with positive people, identify areas of negativity in your life that you can work on, keep a gratitude journal, and aim to start each morning on a positive note.

Wrapping up

Start the new year off positively and incorporate beauty and wellness tips that differ from the norm. Try going natural with your beauty regimen, take care of your nails, rely less on your electronic devices, and incorporate new healthy foods into your weekly meals to help your mind and body in the new year.