Why moving to Florida is the best Decision you’ll ever make?

Over the past year, there have been more and more people making the decision to permanently settle in Florida. The state that was once known as a haven for retirees has become the hottest destination for young people looking for a better life.

The state has moved away from its niche reputation and has become a beacon for people from every generation. The recovering economy, combined with the gorgeous surroundings, have made Florida a prime location for young families who are in search of an old-world community at the center of more energetic entertainment options.

This combined with miles and miles of beautiful beachfront property creates the perfect package to entice prospective residents. With the ridiculous weather that makes no promises to improve in the North, there’s something twice as appealing about year-round sunshine and summer temperatures.

It’s about so much more than just avoiding shoveling your walk or slipping on patches of ice for the rest of your life—it’s also about a promising metropolis that offers opportunities that you just can’t find anywhere else.


The gorgeous Florida climate is probably one of the biggest draws for people. With subtropical temperatures year-round, it’s difficult to argue that this state is an outdoor lover’s dream.

Yes, you’ll have to navigate hurricanes and serious tropical storms, but many believe this is well worth the temperatures for the rest of the year. No more waiting to swim, and with the abundance of beaches this is the perfect location for the heat.

Some people do complain that it’s entirely too hot and difficult to maintain a home in this climate. Fortunately, central air combined with abundant communities in different areas provide something for everyone. Living in Florida doesn’t mean living in an uncomfortable climate.

Many longtime residents do caution against living near the swampy areas due to the increased humidity and unsavory wildlife; for others, this is an extreme draw. Who doesn’t want to look outside and see an alligator crawling across their backyard? Well, aside from the majority of us who would rather have a puppy or an animal that’s just a bit cuddlier.

All jokes aside, this is definitely one of the best places for those who value the warmth and who enjoy bathing in the sun day after day.

The Natural Amenities

The climate is only a portion of the natural amenities that brings so many people to this state; Florida has one of the most diverse ecosystems anywhere in the US. Because of this, it brings people from all over the world who have an interest in watching some of the endangered species that live there.

There are a number of different programs offered in this area that are an absolute dream for someone who wants to make a career of studying this type of wildlife.It also has prime access to the ocean from all sides; this allows Marine biologists a unique opportunity to study the wildlife both on and off the coast.

This is a place and offers a wide variety of different types of beaches and inland attractions that are appealing to people from every area of the world. Whether you would like to visit a dense forest area, or you’d like to go for a gentle swim, there’s a place to do it all. And, chances are, you’ll be able to do all of it in the same day.

The Current Real Estate Marketing

It’s no secret that the real estate market has been struggling over the past few years. Fortunately, the market has started to recover in Florida, offering a variety of different places for a discounted price. Many of these homes are brand-new, or in locations that would normally cost millions of dollars to live in.

It’s important to catch the real estate market at the correct time, and to make sure that you’re qualified to purchase a home in the area. There are a number of government incentivized mortgage plans that you may qualify for.

This is why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable brokerage that has experience selling and financing homes in the state. Many people still don’t qualify for a home loan in spite of the recovering economy.

This may be due to old debts, or difficulty with their credit scores. This can happen when you’ve experienced a time period without work or have gone through some personal issues that have detracted from your financial stability.

In these instances, it can help to find private money lenders in Florida. These are companies that are able to finance a home loan or loan for a commercial property without all of the red tape usually associated with mortgages or traditional lenders.

A private loan has many advantages for those who can afford the terms. Many of these are often secured loans that involve the placement of a valuable piece of personal property up for collateral. If a person defaults on these loans, then the lender is able to take possession of the collateral as insurance of the ultimate payment.

This type of lending practices is appealing to those who like to purchase pieces of property and fix them up with the hopes of selling them for a profit. These loans can also be used for other purposes, such as starting a small business, or making an investment that has a fairly quick return.

Regardless of the type of financing that you’re looking for, there’s definitely a home in this area that’s appealing to you. Whether you’re looking for a more metropolitan area or some places that are a little more nature oriented, there’s definitely the possibility of landing exactly where you want to be.

The Social Variety

With the growing economy, Florida is hardly the most expensive place to live in America. In fact, there are plenty of affordable areas that can appeal to just about anybody. There are also plenty of employment opportunities for people at every rung of the professional level.

The state is renowned for its medical capabilities, and still has plenty of opportunities for those interested in professions closer to agriculture or labor. There are also communities that surround a wide variety of different areas providing very different amenities.

You can visit a resort and a wildlife preserve all in the same day, allowing many people the best of both worlds. Many residents actually report that their communities mimic the best of small town USA.

They have tight relationships with their neighbors and focus on making sure that they’re homeowner’s associations are top quality. Part of the draw for Florida is the way that it continues to embrace middle-class America when this demographic seems to be dying off in other areas.

You’ll Never be Bored

Everyone knows to visit the Disney attractions, but Florida really has so much more to offer. The state boasts some of the best shopping and vacation resorts in the country. Because of this, many regular residents take advantage of all the amenities while still enjoying life in smaller communities.

Florida is a large state, and you’ll definitely find something in your budget that’s attractive enough to inspire a long-term living arrangement. Whether it’s Disneyland, the wetlands, or the various metropolitan areas, there is something for everyone here.