Important Facts about practical Functions of Yard Signs

Yard signs are an alternative to pacing adverts on Radio, TV, billboards or newspapers. They are usually designed in a square shape but can be made with different materials. These signs can be designed in any way to suit the purpose or taste of the owner.

Although almost everything is turning digital, it is surprising to see and note that this method of information or advertising is still very useful. Hardly can you pass a well-designed sign in front of a building and not look at it. So we can surmise that this is an efficient and cost effective method of advertising.

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Practical Functions of Yard Signs

Apart from being used to advertise a business, these signs can be used for many practical reason and we would discuss some of them in this article.

To Give Direction

Event planners would understand the importance of these types of signage. Imagine that a wedding reception is holding in the backyard of a home and it is not close to the road? You definitely need something to direct guests to the venue.

What about a conference in a busy complex where all the rooms look alike? No matter the fact that the rooms are numbered, one needs directions to locate their venue without too much hassle. We don’t need to give more examples as we believe that you get the drift of what we are saying.

For Election Campaign

Once an election cycle rolls by, you find yard signs springing up like spring flowers in yards. Although people have become quite intolerant in recent times, there is a strong argument in favour of this trend. It should be noted by the way that this is not a novelty, putting up a yard sign that shows support for one candidate or another is almost as old as independence.

Many political analysts argue that support signage in people’s yards go a long way to impact voter awareness. You can read this article for more information about this assertion.

To Advertise Real Estate

Although there are a lot of real estate websites where homes for sale are advertised, these signs are still very much in use in many places. It has been proven that many people drive around a locality looking at ‘For Sale’ signs in front of houses. In fact some people have even found their dream home through this method.

To Drive Traffic to a Home Business

This is especially true for people who work from home. Since they are small businesses, it doesn’t make any financial sense to spend huge amount on adverts. Just place a sign in your yard and neighbours and people in the locality (who actually are your target audience) would be aware of the goods or services that you offer.

It has been proven that many people in a neighbourhood are able to get the services they need from information on yard signs.

Tips for Getting

Just because we said that these signs are useful in many ways and quite effective, it doesn’t mean that it should be done haphazardly. The following are tips to help you make the most of it:

Make it Catchy

These signs are meant to catch people’s attention so that they can pause and read the information on it. If you use boring fonts and text, people may likely ignore the sign. Use pictures, humour and power words to grab people’s attention.

Power words include words like affordable, discount, especially for you, cheap, rich, high quality and so on. Forget about overloading the piece with information. Just use something that would draw them in and make them want to find out more about what you are advertising.

Have a CTA (Call-to-action)

Do not just leave your message open ended; let the reader know what they are to do next. For example if you put up a sign that says ‘Exquisite Persian Rugs At Affordable Price’; your CTA should be one of the following:

  • Call these numbers for more details (then you display the numbers)
  • Visit our website to check them out
  • Visit our store for purchase

Make the Sign easily Readable

Ensure that you use fonts that are easy to read while on the go. It is rare for someone driving through a neighbourhood to stop and start reading through a sign that’s designed like a newsletter. It is by far easier to read yard signs with something as simple as ‘House For Sale’ Dogs For Sale’ ‘Call in here for plumber’ and such to catch one attention.

Ensure that the fonts are bold with adequate space between characters. Do not forget to use colours that contrast; for example dark fonts on a light background so that the letters would pop.


These are just a few of the things that you need to know about yard signs. However, we believe that these basics can go a long way to help you as you prepare to put up effective yard signs for whatever purpose you desire.