The Bliss of Flower Garden – Tips for Garden Lovers

Flowers are the ornaments of mother earth. She wears them all and looks immensely charming. It is difficult to find a person who does not like flowers. Everybody experiences only positive feelings, when in the company of flowers. It is no wonder that every household tries to grow at some flowering plants in the vicinity. People of all age groups love to spend their time in the company of flowers. Children can very easily relate to all flowers. The sight and even aroma are subjects of deeper studies. Many studies have emphasized that the presence of flowers effectively produces an ambiance of peace and serenity. Aromatherapy was essentially developed with the help of the aromas of the plant kingdom in general and of flowers in particular. Obviously everybody does want to grow their own flower garden, for the benefit of self, family, the community in the vicinity and general public.

Few considerations need to be addressed before embarking on steps to create an own flower garden. Although everybody is very enthusiastic to own a wonderful flower garden, very few actually succeed in creating things exactly as they wished so. It is recommended that all necessary information about space, sunlight, seasons, soil and aesthetics is available at hand. The information can be procured from the local flower gardener, expert horticulturist, DYI books and blogs and all other available sources.

The first decision is about the space available for creation of a flower garden. There are many ways in flowering plants can be developed. Back yard, front portions, along the hedge, along the patio, in hanging pots, indoor pots and many more variations are available to choose from. However, it is pertinent to keep in mind the ease with which certain flowers bloom in specific environments. Careful decisions can be made as to where the plants would get ideal place. Once these decisions are made, the next step would be to club together behaviorally similar plant in adjoining areas. Right combination of flowers can have a mesmerizing effect on the onlookers.

Once the space for flower garden development is decided, the next consideration is the season and climate. Not all flowers bloom perennially. The spaces for seasonal flowers and for perennial flowers have to be earmarked. Availability of sunlight makes vital effects on flower blossoms. Seasonal or annual flowering plants need constant care in terms of watering, fertilizing and clipping. Perennials need the care only for a first few months. Little attention is required in later days. Once these plants take root, they can withstand minor variations. They survive in summers and in cold winters too. Separate patches for annuals and perennials can be made for ease of care.

Soil meant for flowering plants need to be carefully checked. The pH value of the soil needs to be determined. If the value differs significantly from the neutral value of 7 then, necessary additions of Sulfur or limestone can restore neutral pH values. Help from local horticulturists can be sought for expert advice. If present soil is found unsuitable, then necessary changes in the plan to suit the ground situation. Changing the soil and use of certain fertilizers are some of the available options. Addition of organic matter to the soil is the easiest thing to do for increasing fertility of soil. Periodic care is also required for maintaining soil fertility.

All flowering plants need care and attention. Somebody in the household is required to pay proper attention periodically. Element of aesthetics also plays an important role. Height of flowering plants, the colors, and their aroma all collectively decide the charm of the flower garden. Marigold, Cosmos, Morning Glory are some of the annual varieties preferred by many. Sunflower and Sweet Peas are ideal in sunny spots. Plants like moss rose, fuchsia, lantana and many other varieties are best suited for growing in hanging pots.

A farmer’s almanac is ideal for using to decide the best time to start planting. Different geographical locations can have different periods, which are ideally suited for planting. All ingredients of creating a flower garden must be available at hand. Seeds, plants, watering equipments, various gardening implements like hoe, pitchfork, spade, shovel, and clipper, etc. can be made available at hand. Making suitable holes for sowing the seeds, covering them with fresh soil, watering and little tending everyday are some simple techniques. Weeding out the area and providing support to plants wherever necessary, as in case of sunflowers, form the maintenance schedule.

The ultimate happiness dawns, when the flowers start blooming, captivating the viewers. The sweet aroma around the garden turns the place into a paradise, to remain so forever.