Suitable Time or Level of difficulties to Face during Brahmatal Trek

With Mt. Trishul and Nanda Ghunti, Brahmatal offers a visual perspective of the Himalayas and birds’ eyes of the beautiful Roopkund Trek, and abundant possibilities to record with their camera the magnificent snow-covered peak. The Brahmatal trek leads one to lovely valleys, sheltered hamlets, rivers and coniferous trees, and oak woods. The region is covered with a snow sheath in winter, giving it a unique vista of the Himalayas.

Suitable Time to visit Brahmatal Trek

In all seasons, excluding summer and monsoon, Brahmatal is a fantastic walk. A fresh flavor of the walk is offered every season — spring, fall, and winter. Say, Spring is a wonderful time for bird-watching Himalayans, as it is one of the best bird-watching treks in the world. The fall is famed for its narrow mountain vistas and in winters you walk through the snow and observe frozen lakes on the hike when the scenery becomes white.

Level of Difficulty

We consider the brahmatal hike to be moderate and climbs to 12250 feet. A moderate rating refers to somewhat longer trekking days with some steep ascents. So it’s an even harder Brahmatal trip than the easy and modest treks such as Kedarkantha and Dayara Bugyal. There are, however, straightforward exits and no challenging portions. To give details, in a total of 24 kilometers, you will cover about 4650 feet over three days. On average, every day there are 7 kilometers of the journey, including uphill and downhill.

How to Travel?

It leads to Lohajung in two ways. One is from Rishikesh (259,2 km), another 40 km short, and from the railway station in Kathgodam (222 km). There are three trains to Kathgodam from Delhi. Take the Bus from Kathgodam to Gwaldam at 4:30-5 and get to Gwaldam by 15:00. The bus stop is roughly 50 meters distant from the railway station. No bus to Lohajung from Gwaldam, so you have to switch to a cab to Lohajung. You can get off at certain picturesque locations listed in the preceding section if you are driving by automobile or cab sharing.

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What is to like there?

Brahmatal has mysterious hikes through the jungle. The centuries-old woodlands of Oaks and Rhododendron can be walked through. The dedicated Rhododendron section remains with me in particular! You will obtain a clearly defined portion of the Rhododendron woods just outside Bekaltal. The woodland of Rhodo is a pleasure for the sight. The trunks rotate and turn to form and shape. Typically, the trunks are smooth and naked. The trees are not too big and at the top, there is a good canopy. They are sufficiently close to producing a beautiful green dome. You walk up some of the most stunning rhododendron and oak woodlands on the second day out from Bekalaltal.

You are inquisitive and eager to see what lies outside the tree line as you approach the peak. You enter the meadow on the top of the mountain and there are white mountains in front of you. You may enjoy great views of the range of Trishul after climbing over the crest (that is paralleled with Ali Bugyal of the Roopkund Trek). From there you’re one of the best ridge treks in our mountains all the way till the peak of Jhandi. On the one hand, you have the massive Trishul range and, on the other, you open layers and mountain layers that organize their way to the Deval and Tharali in high order.

These are the communities via which you went to the base camp. The whole roopkund trek is extended to the right below the Trishul range. From Brahmatal ridge, you can see every landmark, every campsite, every climb of the road to Roopkund. Brahmatal is not very big as a lake around which the journey revolves. It’s also not on the trail. The lake, which stands in the center of a windy grassland, ought to be visited. The only other element in the image is a lone tree or two. In the center of a huge prairie, the lake is a sparkling pure blue oasis. The reflection clean lake with nothing else in view is the best setting for yourself in a reflective zone. In Brahmatal the sensation is more within than outward gazing.

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