What are the benefits of becoming a Motorcyclist?

Some may not agree, but being a motorcyclist has more advantages than driving a car. Surprisingly, motorcycles have gained in popularity as a form of transportation and recreation in many parts of the world. More and more people are using motorcycle as another form of transportation to avoid bad traffic congestion, while others are using motorcycle as a form of recreation to enjoy the open road and natural surroundings.

There are many reasons why these people ride a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle has several advantages compared to driving a car.

1. Motorcycle is cheaper to operate. It uses less gas, which means the motorcyclist gets to save on the fuel especially when the fuel price is going up. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to ride their motorcycle to work even in harsh weather.

2. Motorcycle is often easier to maintain and repair. Motorcycle parts are easily accessible and most motorcyclists can even do their own basic repairs to reduce the cost of labour and also further reduces the cost of ownership.

3. Motorcycle is smaller and takes up less parking space. It is easier to park a motorcycle than a car. In busy places, car drivers may need to drive a few rounds before they could find a parking space. Pulling out of a parking space is easier and safer for the motorcyclist because of unblocked vision.

4. A motorcyclist can pull over and stop the motorcycle anytime without blocking the moving traffic. He could be looking for a landmark, etc. but a car cannot just pull over without blocking the cars behind.

5. A motorcyclist will not be caught in a traffic congestion because he can easily weave in between cars to move forward and ahead of the traffic jam.

Riding a motorcycle also has its disadvantages. A major disadvantage is that since motorcycle is smaller than other vehicles, it is not very visible to other drivers. Motorcyclists do not have the structural frame of the car to protect them. Motorcyclists have to take their safety into their own hands and equip themselves with proper motorcycle riding gear in case there is an accident or a crash.

One of the most important item on the motorcycle riding gear is the safety helmet. The safety helmet is to protect the head, face and brain in case of accident or crash. Motorcyclists can easily find good quality motorcycle helmets on sale at most motorcycle online stores. It is advisable to wear safety helmets for your own protection even if your country does not make it a law to wear motorcycle helmet. The “BikeBandit.com” offers many top brands of men’s and women’s motorcycle helmets at discounted prices.

Another item is the men’s and women’s leather motorcycle jacket with armor for added protection of the upper body, shoulder, elbow, etc. Other items included riding pants, gloves, boots, goggles etcetera.