Choosing the Superlative Service for Writing a Research Proposal from Scratch

The academic writing market is lucrative, full of players and, at some point, confusing. If you have a research proposal to deal with and can’t decide whether you can do it on your own, you are probably interested in hiring an expert to help you out. We’ve prepared several tips on how to choose a reliable writing service for getting a stellar research proposal written especially for you.

Choose Among Big Agencies

There are three options you can choose from when you decide to order a research proposal online: a big agency, a boutique agency, a freelancer. All of them have their benefits and risks, but when it comes to buying research proposals, dissertations, term papers, capstone projects and other serious assignments we insist that it is better to address a big, experienced agency. Such companies don’t bite more than they can chew, they have enough capable writers to deal with the entire flow of orders on time, they can boast with the well-organized system, advanced technologies, like up-to-date anti-plagiarism checkers, etc. If one writer gets lost, there are five more to replace him at the same moment, or a dozen more. You got out point.

Check on Guarantees

Even if you are impressed by prices and promises stated in the front page, make sure to read Terms and Conditions and check which guarantees are offered to clients. There can be a variety, but you should keep in mind the major ones. Money Back Guarantee ensures that if something goes truly wrong, you are entitled to a full or partial refund. Timely Delivery guarantee promises that your research proposal will be delivered on time. Free-Revision Guarantee gives you at least seven days, in general, to ask for a free revision of your paper. Confidentiality Guarantee is one of the most important guarantees provided by writing agencies. Make sure that you own all the writes for the research proposal you buy, so it never gets online, wholly or partially. According to this guarantee everything you share with a writing service, starting from your phone number and finishing the details of the transaction, is strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to the third parties.

Use a Progressive Delivery Option

First of all, if an agency doesn’t have a Progressive Delivery option, you need another agency. This option allows you to pay for a research proposal in installments and receive it part by part according to the prearranged schedule. This way you are fully protected — you don’t pay the whole amount from the very beginning and get to approve every part. More of it, you usually get more days reserved for free revisions. Reliable agencies make this option obligatory for extended orders, to make sure that client’s instructions are followed at every stage. Be ready to pay extra for this option, though not too much.

Make a Preliminary Research

You can find lots of interesting references online, but don’t let them make you too confused. Remember, that when people are satisfied with the result, they don’t usually post about it online, but if something goes wrong, even a small detail, they accuse services in being a scam. Be reasonable and try to find patterns. You need to find out what is that people most often complain about. For example, there are different complaints, but most people leave negative comments regarding the timely delivery when it comes to urgent orders. If your order is this way, don’t use this service, but if time is not an issue now, there is nothing wrong in addressing this agency if you like other features they offer.

Choose wisely and keep everything under control. Communicate with an assigned writer and support team members, let them see you care. Good luck!