Google Android lands Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance Agreements

Google has a massive consumer base. That doesn’t even need to be said but yet I have to. It’s like saying everyone breathes air. But what is that interesting about it? Well we all use Android phones which are Google powered. Android has a wide variety of uses, and there’s no limits to where we can use it nowadays. Practically every smart device can use Android OS. This goes from our phones, tablets, and devices that depend on the OS to function. Now this extends to automobiles. Having infotainment systems in our cars is now more of a necessity now than luxury.

Since automobiles companies want you to have the best experience, Android OS will be present in these vehicles. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance has shot for Google to develop their next gen vehicle infotainment systems. This move will even move beyond the capabilities of Android Auto. Apple has the option of CarPlay embedded and integrated in most vehicles and all their devices. The same is being implemented with the help of Google.

The automobile giants Alliance sells a massive number, which undermines all other automakers. Automobile makers usually avoid alliances like this for the cause of Tech giants. This is generally because companies stay cautious about getting involved with Tech giants as they worry about changing business models. So it is a bit surprising for us that these companies are coming together.

Automobile industry started using the freely available Android OS therefore establishing credibility in the industry. Google’s presence in the industry is somewhat of a threat to the automakers because of its automation projects. Google’s continuous efforts to develop self-driving cars started as early as 2009 itself. Audi and Volvo have already been using Google products for their vehicles. Volvo has also announced that Android OS will be powering its next line of infotainment systems.

Imagine driving a car with one of the most advanced dashboards one could imagine. That is what this partnership has in store for us. Having all diagnostics, features and navigation available on a large dashboard will lead the way to a new wave of Automobile generation across the industry. Google plans to incorporate this trend starting in 2021. Soon in time we may have cars that don’t just integrate with your smartphone for all the diagnostics, and navigation, but a device that will read everything to you when required.

Therefore having Smart Homes with smart AI enabled voice assistants sure sounds great. But now cars with similar functionality will soon be available because of this partnership. Looking at it this way- This is just the first step in having smart cars. It will also give one the choice to use Android or iOS for their in-car systems. Having constantly developing OS on your dashboard won’t be distracting but life changing as it might just save your life with precautionary protocols in place that Google may bring later to one update in your car. The possibilities are endless and now is just the starting in this for having smart cars at your disposal

In-car assistants have a long way to go in the field before getting fully integrated. Google’s Android Auto has been adopted in many in car systems. Majority of automakers use Google’s systems for in-vehicle assistant. Solving the issue of being a distraction to new car owners, is a major problem that requires solving. Automobile giants like BMW have already integrated Alexa and Cortana as their in-house assistants for vehicles. Audi is also following suit by integrating Alexa in their newest electricity powered vehicles.

Google sure has been chosen by the powerful automaker Alliance, but it is not sure how it’ll come to fruition and how the systems will be integrated into their vehicles. Google Assistant Voice App Service is continuously being improved with the work of developers.

The companies say that they want their users to have the same smartphone experience in cars. With Apple’s iOS 12 rolling out Google Maps and opening up CarPlay for third-party apps, which can also be seen as another competitor. The same way we have integration between our smartphones and homes, the Alliance wants to develop that between the car and your smartphones to bring a seamless experience. Though Google will not be available in China where it is blocked.