7 Flavorful Cakes to Jazz-up Birthday Celebration of your Little Angel!

Cakes being one of the unavoidable parts of every happy and joyful moment have now also become one of the objects to experiment with. You must have witnessed many cakes that are designed especially for any particular occasion or festival lined-up in the shops or online stores. All these cakes are what from which you cannot take your eyes off. Keeping in mind the importance of cakes, many online stores are now available through which you can order your Flavorful Cakes anytime and anywhere. Be in Mumbai or Delhi; you can avail the online cake delivery in Mumbai or Delhi service very easily also in a hassle-free way.

Birthdays are always the time when everyone else celebrates your existence on earth. And when it is the birthday celebration of your little carton, how can you resist yourself from doing something special for your baby? There is even no chance to think like this as birthdays are always meant to be that one special day when you get all the love even you do some mistakes. And, in this celebration, Flavorful Cakes are no doubt the inevitable part.

So, here is a list given below comprising some utterly delicious and cute birthday cake through which you can make your cutie pie scream out loud in joy.

Cartoon Cakes

Kids and their love for cartoons is a simple algorithm. Make their fantasy or meeting their favorite superheroes true by getting them a cake that has their favorite cartoon on it. You kid will surely love you to the moon and back after seeing this amazing cake.

Emoji Cakes

In the world of technology, every child is familiar with emoji. You can give them a lively feel by going for a cake that has a cute yellow and bright emoji on it. These small emoji cakes look super cool and stylish.

3D Cakes

You must have witnessed many cakes like house cake or a mermaid cake. Embellished with 3D design and shape, these cakes look very fascinating and attractive. Your kid will surely like this cake.

Doll Cakes

For your cute baby girl who is a fan of the Barbie doll, a cake dedicated to dolls will be the perfect one. Loaded with cream and icing and a doll in the middle, no cake can replace the magic and love for these amazing doll cakes.

Castle Cakes

You can also go with these beautiful and eye-catching castle cakes or house cakes. You can have them according to your taste and preference as you like them to be.

Teddy Cakes

If your baby is a teddy lover, then you can give him/her a cake that has a cute teddy shape. These 3D cakes look super cool. You can make them in any color and different dimensions.

Personalized Cakes

There is a separate fan base of personalized cakes. You just need to find a cute and decent photo of your baby and you are all ready to make the birthday party wonderful.


All these Flavorful Cakes are just to ginger-up your birthday party. So, don’t think twice and pick any of them as per the liking of your baby. If you are also looking for some cute gifts too, then GiftaLove.com can be your ultimate solution. It has an amazing line-up of hearty gifts and gift combos like birthday cakes, birthday flowers, chocolates, and many other items are there in the list that can make the birthday party awesome. So, make your little cartoon be on cloud nine with all your love and pampering on this birthday.