What is Dry Rot in Tires and How to prevent this?

While being very conscious about our vehicle and its functionalities, we often overlook what condition of our car tire is actually in. Though a passing glance may satisfy you temporarily but this is not enough since the tires are the only part of your vehicle in direct contact with the road. In fact, not having a thorough glance over the tires can leave the dry rot unnoticed. For sake of safety, it’s imperative to be very conscious about your car tire health. Dry rot can be a cause of many tire problems and can even result in tire blowout.

What is Tire Dry Rot?

Dry rot is also known as the sidewall cracking. These are specifically the hairline cracks that occur along the sidewalls and tread. You can easily identify the dry rot with the color of the tire rubber. Often, the rubber along these cracks turn from black to dull gray. In case you find your car tires suffering from such thing, you must take your vehicle to the dealership. Right there, you will get it confirmed from the technician whether your car tires have dry rot or not.

Perhaps that’s the reason as to why experts suggest you to be highly conscious about the quality of tires while buying other than being more focused towards car Tyre price. If you are able to see the metal or fabric through cracks in your tires, the dry rot could be severe then and you must not drive having your car wearing those tires.

Why the Dry Rot is So Dangerous?

Dry rot can be a great cause of tires losing enough amount of air pressure quickly. Don’t wait for the warnings or some sort of signs as these small cracks open suddenly and with no warning, and mostly cause the tires to blowout. People who look for the low car tyre price must know that the Sidewall cracks can cause a rip in the sidewall. Often, these rips separate the tire from the rim that’s quite dangerous especially when it happen when you are driving. Such failure might occur at the worst possible time especially when you drive fast on a rough road.

How to prevent it From Occurring?

Although it turns up quite inconvenient for the driver but it’s a very common problem affecting tires of different sizes. In addition, it causes fungus in the rubber that weakens it even more. But with these two ways, you can prevent the dry rot in your tires;

Avoid UV Exposure – While a regular amount of sun exposure doesn’t result in any sort of damage to your tires but the excessive exposure to UV radiations will lead to the dry rot in car tires. Therefore, just make sure that you don’t let your Falken tires more exposed to the sunlight.

Apply Tire Protector – Commercial tire protectors are simply a great way to strengthen up your tires. All you have to do is just apply the commercial tire protector monthly so that this compound will shield your tires form dry rot often caused by UV rays.