The Features and Parameters of Whitening Lamps

Professional dental teeth Whitening Lamps is controlled by the microcomputer inside the machine, and it can catalyze the whiten pharmacy and cause a reaction exactly and effectively, and it will make the teeth whiten deeply. Its output blue light wavelength is 460-490nm, can irradiate all surfaces of the teeth effectively, so every tooth can be whiten. And its output purple light wavelength is 390-430nm, it is for sterization. It is the key breakthroughs of the clearing the teeth and the whiten technology in the dental area.

The Features of the perfect Whitening Lamp

The quality of a lamp is often reflected in the range of options to control the whitening of each patient’s teeth.

But there are other Parameters that differentiate Whitening Lamps

These devices exist in several sizes, several weights, and several hanging modes. Most of them also have casters. We will focus on the practicality of the arm joints and the comfort with which we will be able to use the device without feeling overwhelmed.
Functions for adjusting operating times, colour change and exposure power are available on some whitening lamps to best adapt the procedure to each patient.

The number of colours projected by the LED increases the wavelength covered by the device, making it possible to treat patients more or less effectively depending on their sensitivity.

A lamp equipped with a ventilator will provide better comfort to the patient but is likely to emit an annoying noise, unless the ventilator is optimized not to emit sound.

The heat production of the device must be reasonable to avoid any sensitization of the patient’s teeth.

It is up to you to choose a product according to these characteristics and the demands of your patients.

A led lamp for the clinic and make dental whitening treatments profitable with a high-capacity tool. It allows to adjust the times, the intensity and color of the light and to obtain a personalized protocol adjusted to each patient. It shortens the treatment times, activating the bleaching solutions used in the dental clinic. Also it is easy to transport, light and mobile, it is ideal for use in several cabinets, with adjustable positions for a minimum use of space.

Warnings and Precautions

1. Must avoid the blue light shooting at the people’s eyes directly, or the eyes will be injured seriously. When the bleaching system is working, Both the patient and doctor must wear the protective glasses to protect the eyes.

2. When we adjust the place of the machine, we need to support the machine by one hand, and support the upright stanchion by another, and then pull the bracket slowly to adjust the place of the machine, to prevent the bleaching system overturn, at the same time prevent the moving of the tripod.

3. The bleaching system should be sterilized before the treatments.

4. The bleaching system is a precise instrument, when we don’t use it, it is better to put the lamp cap downward, and then wear the protecting jacket to in case the dust go into the lens.

5. After using, we should close the electric power in time, it should avoid touching the hard thing or liquid.

6. If there is any problem in using the bleaching system, repairing without authorization is forbidden, or the bleaching system may not be guaranteed to keep in good repair.

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