The Perks of Owning A Property in Arabian Ranches

If you’re not already aware, Arabian Ranches takes pride in being one of the most desirable and luxurious communities to live in Dubai. Located right in the middle of the Desert, Arabian Ranches is considered “freehold” area in Dubai and whether you have UAE’s citizenship or not, you can invest in a property here. If you have always been dreaming of finding your home amidst uninterrupted luxury, Arabian Ranches surely is one desirable community for you. Featuring 12 different phases, Arabian Ranches offers some key facilities to all the residents. When you own a property here, you can expect some of the following perks to come your way.

1. Luxurious Lifestyle

You might not already know that Arabian Ranches is one of the top luxury, gated communities in Dubai where you can own a family-friendly accommodation. Most of the people who choose to land in Dubai looking for a luxury lifestyle choose to live here. The community is home to some of the top-rated sports centers such as Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club. Besides, you can experience onsite pools, gym, easy access to all life amenities, and some amazing views of the Golf Club right from your property. The villas have also been designed to offer a sense of luxury to the residents as they’re all spacious and equipped with all modern fixtures.

2. Family-Oriented Communities

To be honest, Arabian Ranches is not all about luxury. One of the perks that is on offer here at the Arabian Ranches is that the district is known for its family-oriented communities and style of living. There is the Jumeirah English Speaking School for children and there’s the Raffles nursery for little kids in Saheel community. Furthermore, Arabian Ranches is also home to a range of parks, shopping malls, restaurants and some amazing leisure activities for the entire family.

3. Privacy

Known to be a safe, gated community, Arabian Ranches offers all the privacy you need. Being a gated community, Arabian Ranches offers a sense of protection and security to the residents. Furthermore, it’s not that privacy here means that you’ll be isolated. The community is quite vast and expansive with dedicated community halls being built in all the 12 phases where residents can always join each other and socialize. So, that means you can not only enjoy a private living experience where there is no intrusion from the outside world but will also be able to develop cordial relations with the neighbors.

4. Great Value For Your Money

A luxury living experience isn’t for everyone. Similarly, Arabian Ranches provides accommodation only for the selected few who can actually afford the costs of buying or renting an Arabian home. The villas for sale in Arabian Ranches might cost you more compared to similar properties in other parts of the emirate and that’s probably due to high demand in this area.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. In fact, every single penny that you’ll spend for buying a home here would be well worth it. The villas are known for a lot of comforts they have to offer and some major amenities on top of the list include swimming pools, breathtaking Golf Club views from spacious balconies, tennis court, basketball courts, playgrounds, and additional rooms for the maids. Obviously, that’s some luxury and to enjoy all that comfort you’ll have to spend a few bucks obviously. So, just bear in mind that luxury living comes at a cost but your investment will surely be worth it.

With all these perks, and many more that you will explore by visiting here, Arabian Ranches is certainly a perfect place in Dubai to settle in with your family. The landscaping is mind blowing and there are all sorts of luxury amenities on offer in this gated community. So, if you’re planning for an investment in Dubai, make one in Arabian Ranches and you won’t regret it at all.