Recruiting Advices for Agencies – Types of Labour Force to Hire

A recruitment agency can help meet numerous business needs at once. For example, if there is a need for labour-hire in Gold Coast, one has to solicit these agencies services. One can choose from a wide selection of labour types selective to their demands and needs. It can considerably reduce the stress of a recruiting process and managing the recruits.

Workers/labourers are required for various purposes in construction work, logistics, hospitality, and industrial services. Finding skilled labourers from an endless pool of candidates is not an easy task for any business. But reputed recruitment agencies are cut out for this kind of work and provide superior quality labourers. Go for agencies that cover other related services that come with recruitment to make the process better.

The services that recruitment agencies offer include:

1. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

After informing the agency what the business requires, they will take care of all recruitment processes. Choose agencies that have innovative technological solutions to support their service, like Automated Reference Checking. It can significantly enhance the quality of candidates that one hires.

Research shows that the time for hiring has been increasing because of time-consuming checking processes. So services that offer automated checking can reduce this time and provide labour at the required time.

2. On-Site Management Consultants

Another advantage that some recruitment agencies offer is on-site management. From managing the schedules of the newly-hired to overseeing their performance, management consultants will help reduce a lot of imminent stress that comes with working at a site.

3. Payroll

Just thinking of the stressful process gives people in management positions headaches. But it need not be exhausting when there is help. Some agencies that provide labour also offer payroll management. Do not fret anymore with back pay or weekly payments and finish them promptly with help.

Types of Labor-hire in the Queensland


Clients who require permanent staff to work alongside them expect the top-most quality and experience. They need not look farther when agencies have a pool of cherry-picked candidates for longtime employment contracts.

Some permanent contracts may also be a fixed-term arrangement. Permanent positions come with employee benefits. Talent acquisition requires specialised skill and attention, which are what recruiting agencies are skilled in doing. The pool of applicants and network of contacts at their disposal can interest any talented prospective candidate to assume a permanent position.


Some businesses demand only temporary staff for an immediate need. It might be hard to spot these candidates without skilled outside help. Be it extra-hands on the deck for a construction job or replacements for an office job; an agency can offer solutions to these requirements.

One might require staff who can work on a flexible basis. Generally, most of such assignments are for a fixed term. The contract will agree upon an hourly/ daily rate. It will include the time of work and stipulated holidays.


Contract workers work based on fixed contracts. Need workers to fill a position to cover a long-leave? Agencies can have one’s back. They can find candidates that will fulfil the agreement and save the business a lot of stress. After the end of the term, if a company wishes to retain the worker, it is possible to transfer them to a permanent position.

Leave the stresses of recruiting into capable hands to lay back and watch the job getting done. A business’s success lies in delegating and letting an efficient team handle a process like talent recruitment.

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