How to Create a Separation in an Open-Plan Living Space?

Interior design saw a surge in demand for open-plan living spaces since 1990. The concept entails the elimination of barriers like walls and doors that traditionally close off areas with distinct uses. However, with the onset of Covid-19, the concept of a multi-faceted home was forced into play- where one living space acts as a make-shift gym, café and lounge among many others to keep us entertained. Having an open plan in times like these can prove inconvenient as it blurs the lines between workspaces and rest spaces.

Here are some tips to create separations in your open-plan living spaces.

Install a Division

Creating a physical divide is an effective way to create an illusion of separation. Some ways you can do this is by:

Add a Decorative Folding Screen – Not only does this incorporate colour and pattern into the room, but it also defines the place with a warm, cosy feel. It is extremely convenient to manage as it is movable and easy to clean.

Install a Divider – An artsy divider chosen in harmony with the aesthetic of the space can elevate any room to one of class and elegance. Depending on the mood of the room, choose a denser patterned divider to create a more secluded, intimate area.

Invest in a Glass Barrier – Full glass barriers are an efficient way to block the noise but let in the light. Sliding glass doors, or rotating, vertical glass louvres can be added depending on what the space looks like and what it’s being used for. For privacy, opt for textured glass for the barrier.

Include Sliding Glass Panels – Along with the benefits of a glass barrier, sliding panels can effectively exclude or include a designated space depending on the occasion. However, the dust collected in the overhead bulkhead, the floor racks or overlapping panels are not easy to clean and maintain.

Rearrange your Furniture

An illusion of disconnection in one room can be created by:

Creating a Divide – Turning the backs of seating arrangements in both parts of the room toward each other.

A Visual Barrier – Placing surfaces (tables) behind furniture (sofas) creates a visual barrier between two spaces by adding height and definition.

Dramatize – Making certain portions of the wall dramatic.

Division and Storage – Using a sturdy, open bookcase both for storage and as a divider. The key to this is to not overfill the bookcase and allow light to come through.

Use Colours and Accessories to your Advantage

Colours and accessories not only add personality to a room but if used wisely, can create a distinct division. These are a few things that can help distinguish and define a space.

Rugs – Rugs that are placed under at least the main piece of furniture create a visibly distinct area in a room. It also adds a soft and cosy vibe to a space.

Drapery – Customized drapery can elevate the mood of the room while adding colour, texture and personality to it. Like sliding glass panels, drapes are convenient to include or exclude a space depending on the occasion.

Plants – An indoor plant box can create a subtle visual barrier in a room without creating any light or sound blockages. It also breathes new life into the place with the elements of nature

Artsy Feature – An art installation customized for your home can double as a modern separation of two spaces while enhancing the aesthetic of the room.

Make the right Paint Choice – Picking a specific colour scheme aids in defining the area. This could be with a bold statement piece like a painting or a rug, or subtle accents around the place.

If you Can – Focus in Reconstruction

Ceilings – Accent ceilings provide character and personality to a space. Highlighting a zone with contrasting paint, decorative mouldings, overhead lighting, etc. are a creative way of distinguishing one space from another.

Walls – Depending on where and how you wish to utilize space, a partition wall can be put up to create a divide in a room.

Kitchen island – A kitchen island is an effective way of creating a visual separation of the kitchen from the rest of the house, without isolating the cook from the household activities. A way to ensure more open space would be to install an island caster that can be locked and unlocked depending on the occasion.

Change the Level – Up-leveling or creating a sunken room creates a stark distinction between two spaces. The headroom and the space created creates a modern, inviting mood to the room. For safety reasons, it is advised to put up a rail between the two levels. Rainforest Estates designs and builds Goa’s best luxury villas. You can get in touch with the design team and tell them about your thoughts and suggestions for your new home. The team will incorporate and enhance them so that you can have the home of your dreams in one of our upcoming projects.