9 best Apps that will Save your Money on Travel and Tour

If your body is at your desk and head on a sandy beach sipping margaritas, it’s time for you to take a break from work and go on a vacation. And if lack of money is one of the reasons that’s holding you back from traveling and taking the much-needed break, it’s time to take advantage of the slew of apps out there that aid travelers with a limited budget. With these mobile applications at your disposal, you won’t have to shell out huge amounts of cash. The apps we have listed here not only will help you save money on booking your flights, but also enable you to stay on a budget when you will finally arrive there. Here is our pick of best travel apps that will save you money on travel.

1. Xnspy

It’s never easy to keep tabs on a big group of travelers or your family member without a flurry of phone calls and text messages. You will never know if your kids are at the swimming pool or arcade? Who is already en route to Ferris Wheel? Or is everyone already on the plane? With Xnspy a cell phone tracking app, it’s easier than ever to find your fellow commuters or family members and that too by ditching the phone bill. The GPS locator app works with the smartphone system to pinpoint the exact location of a person of interest. Moreover, you can use the monitoring software to see the location history of the individual. It displays the list of all the places the person has visited. Even if there isn’t a working internet connection for Xnspy’s GPS tracking to work, the cell phone tracking app will still be able to register all the visited places. The GPS locator app will make this information available to you as soon as the device connects to the internet. So there are no dark places where Xnspy can’t record the activity.

2. PackPoint

Whether you are a meticulous style of the packer or a free spirit who stuff things in at the last moment, PackPoint is an excellent app to ensure you haven’t forgotten all important items. Rather end up paying through your nose when you get to your destination. The app is a cinch to use as you simply need to enter where you are travelling to, whether its travel or business, for how long you are going to stay, type of activities you will be doing or people whom you need to pack for (for instance, baby stuff, work clothes, beachwear, etc.). Once you enter this information in PackPoint, the application will automatically produce a checklist of things to pack that will cater all these eventualities. So no more forgetting your shaving gel and picking up a ridiculously expensive one at the airport.

3. Hopper

Flights aren’t always cheaper when you book them early since Hopper has arrived. This useful app will tell you when is the best time to reserve your flights as well as how the prices are likely to change and when they will change. Intriguing, right? You can get all this information by keying the details like destination and dates. The best thing about the app is it provides you a color-coded heat map highlighting the best times to travel based on current prices. In addition, you can choose to see your flights and receive alerts when the prices will fall or rise. Though the vast majority of flights seem to say ‘book now’ rather giving a better date to book the flight, the app still proves quite handy for users. Considering, this information isn’t available on any other platform.

4. XE Currency

When you need to calculate the currency on-the-go, XE Currency app can prove quite useful. The mobile application lets you access live exchange rates, calculate prices, and view historical graphs on your personal smartphone or tablet. The free app is available on nearly all the mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android devices). The app works just as it should and its way more convenient than a Google search. It can be displayed on your smartwatch or notification bar for easy access when traveling. Perfect for when you are trying to figure out how much exactly that black jumper will cost you in pound sterling, US dollar or Euro before you invariably buy it. In brief, XE Currency app is your reliable companion while aboard as it’s much easier to know the price of an item in your local currency and assess how it will cost you rather making a guess. By tracking currency trends, you will be able to better plan your itinerary.

5. Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing is perhaps the cheapest way to travel around the world. This app connects you with local people in the city (you intend to visit) that are offering their floor or couch for free. How’s that for a saving? The platform provides an easy way to get in touch with the hosts. More importantly, it provides you a complete profile of the members along with information on the people you like to stay with. This information comprises references, home details, and images of the accommodation. Sending a request to stay with a host is a one-click process. But you can always choose to exchange messages first. It’s an ideal way to get to know the surroundings even before arriving at a destination. Besides helping you find a good local host, the app also lists a lot of Couchsurfing events taking place in your vicinity where you can meet fellow couch surfers and hosts.

6. Trail Wallet

If you struggle to stick to your budget generally, there is an app for that. Trial Wallet not only will allow you to set a budget for each day but also help you to stick to it. It works much like an expense manager mobile app by enabling you to specify your expenditures and assign them a category. One of the top features of the app is it lets you choose a local currency and then automatically converts it into your home currency. It gives you the power to see how much you are actually spending. Also, if you are a true fan of statistics, Trial Wallet can even show you a breakdown of what you have been spending in a color-coded pie chart.

7. TripLingo

Travelling to a country where you don’t speak the language? With TripLingo at hand, you can avoid the language barriers and awkward miscommunications in a foreign land. The program will save your cash and time that you are planning on to invest in a dictionary or a local tutor. The handy voice translator and interactive phrasebook of the app will help you better understand an alien language. You can instantaneously break the ice and build rapport using the phrasebook in the app that includes casual, formal, crazy and slang options for more than 2000 phrases in each language. Furthermore, if you are in a haste, voice translator can translate your voice into another language at once or have the response interpreted back into English. Additionally, TripLingo advises users on cultural norms and etiquettes, such as appropriate greetings, tipping and more. So you can smoothly sail through any situation like a local.

8. Citymapper

Yes, it’s another map app, but it’s one of the best mapping applications. Citymapper will help you get around using a public transport, car-hailing service, a bike or your legs. Tell the app where would you like to go and Citymapper will give you all the possible options that traditional GPS locator apps can’t offer. The Citymapper knows more. Users can check live times for city transit and get tips on which metro car makes the swift change between lines. In case, you are cycling, the mobile app will give you a choice of fast, normal or quiet routes. The Citymapper collects all the data available in all other transport applications and then combines it, so users can easily use it. Above all, it’s consistent from city to city, which means you will save some serious cash by leveraging this app.

9. Turo

If you need wheels, traditional rental car agencies aren’t the only option. Turo, a peer-to-peer rental service enables private car owners to rent their vehicles through an online interface. Formerly known as RelayRides, the unique rental service lets people rent cars at prices far below Avis and Hertz. Meaning, you can save your stash for later. Depending on your location, you can even drive convertibles, SUVs, and minivans for under $50 a day (if available). Many owners directly deliver cars to renters, or pre-arrange a meet-up spot, or arrange for the car to be dropped off at the airport. You can also use Turo website to book your rental, but the app is more efficient as it gives you updates and put you directly in contact with the car owners.