Some Critical facts of Co-Codamol and its Usage

Co-codamol can be regarded as a mixture of two different painkillers. When Codeine and Paracetamol are mixed, it has been named as Co-codamol. For treatment of different kinds of aches or pains, this medicinal substance has been prescribed. In most of the cases, this medicine is used quite extensively for the treatment of a headache, migraine and toothache. Another notable thing is that it is prescribed when other regular painkillers do not work. Since it is a combination of two painkillers, it brings excellent relief against severe pain or a headache. It is available in tablet or capsule format at the medicine stores.

Key Facts to Know

If you have been prescribed to consume Co-codamol for a headache or migraine pain or a toothache or other types of pains, you should know a few basic things about this medicine. So, in the following section, we shall discuss a few key facts on this medicine.

1. Strengths of Capsule

This medicine is available in capsule format in the local medicine stores, and it features three strengths. The lowest strength of this medicine is available for everyone. You do not need to have a prescription for buying it. However, you would require a prescription when you intend to buy higher strengths of this capsule. Without suggestion or prescription of a doctor, these medicines are not sold, as consuming them improper ion dosage can lead to severe side-effects.

2. Side-effects and Dosage

Higher strengths of Co-codamol have been prescribed to be consumed at certain dosage by the physicians or doctors. Consuming it at more than prescribed dosage could be harmful. It can potentially bring breathing problem, severe chest pain and various other severe as well as concerning side-effects.Even if you take this medicine at its prescribed dosage, you may come across some side-effects. Feeling sleepy is a common side-effect. In rare cases, people also face digestive issues, constipation and other side-effects. Due to its side-effects, digital copy of prescription has to be shown to the online seller to purchase it. Buyers can get same day delivery from UK Meds.

3. Getting Addictive

Since codeine is present in Co-codamol, it is possible to get addictive to this medicine if a person is taking this medicine for a long time. However, the chance of getting addicted to this medicine is feeble in case if you are consuming it under the supervision of doctors or physicians. Addition level depends upon dosage. When higher dosage is prescribed, addiction to this medicine can happen.

4. Buying from Stores

Co-codamol is the generic name of the medicine, and different brands manufacture it. Hence, it is also recognized by various brand names. Same medicine from different brands may be priced differently. Hence, knowing the generic name is essential when purchasing it. To buy the lowest dosage of this medicine, you would not have to show a prescription. But, it is mandatory if you are purchasing higher strengths of this medicine.

This medicine can also be purchased online through online medicine stores that offer the fastest delivery. Age is also a factor in obtaining this medicine. It is prescribed to those who are at the age of 12 years or more.