Realize the importance of Walking use a Pedometer

People do not realize the importance of walking. It helps to keep you stronger and healthier. The more a person walks, the better his metabolism becomes. There are many diseases which can be easily avoided if you walk the required number of steps every day. The doctors suggest an average person cover approximately 10000 steps to maintain their health and body fitness. In the case of people who are in the process of losing weight, they should walk 15000 steps daily to burn the right amount of calories.

Pedometers are one of the best motivating tools for working out. It helps the person to count the steps he has made. This motivates the person in the process of workout challenge to walk more. You can wear the pedometer anytime you want or when you are going for the walk as a workout routine. The pedometer will make you keep a close check on the number of steps you are covering each day. Once you know your performance, then you can efficiently plan out how much improvement you need to reach the goal.

Selection of Pedometer

Selection of pedometer is an essential part of your pedometer experience. There are several things which you should consider for selecting the best pedometer for yourself. The initial step is to understand how you will carry the pedometer. You cannot change its carrying style every day as then you will not be able to compare the results. Pedometers’ results are the most accurate when they are worn on the waist or the shoe. However, it is not convenient to wear electronics this openly most of the times.

There is also an option of going for pedometers which are in the form of mobile applications. You can install the app on your mobile phone and set the data in it to maintain your walking goals. The mobile application of pedometers is also suitable for tracking your sleep pattern and heart rate. However, if you are not comfortable with the mobile app, then you can get a pedometer which is more convenient to carry such as a wristband pedometer. Wristband pedometers are also available in a variety of colors and can be worn on the wrist while you go for a walk or all day just like a wristwatch.

The next thing to consider is the functions of the pedometer. You should thoroughly check the device and how it functions. Some of the primary features that need to be checked are if the device is wireless or wired, the battery life, recording of the diet option, etc. Make sure to check everything before purchasing the device and how it works. If the device fails to correlate between diet and sleep hours, then it would not give accurate results, and you might do not need it.

Data management is the final thing which affects the quality of the pedometer. Get an understanding of how the device manages the data and works accordingly. People in the process of losing weight require keeping track of their health and daily performance to improve their input. The device should be able to keep the record of your data.


Using a pedometer is not too hard. There are several basic tricks which you need to keep in mind when you are using a pedometer.

1. Make sure that your pedometer is in a working condition when you are going out for a walking workout or all day if you need to improve your walking on a daily basis. Wear the pedometer or turn on its application as soon as you get up from the bed and do not turn it off or remove it until you are going to sleep at night.

2. Make sure you are achieving your daily goal. On an average, a person must walk at least 10000 steps daily to maintain their health. Initially, you need to stick to make yourself walk 10000 steps on a daily basis. Once you have reached the goal, start increasing the number of steps. Do not increase 1000/2000 at a time. Take the start of increasing 500 per day.

Helpful tricks for using a Pedometer

As easy as walking and using a pedometer looks, it is hard in its way. Lack of motivation or strength can entirely change your game of everyday goals of steps covered. Following are some hacks discussed which would help you to stay motivated and interested.

  • Make sure you are investing the right amount of time and money on your footwear. If your shoe is not comfortable, it can cause you a lot of problems and even hurt your foot badly. Therefore, wearing appropriate footwear is essential, and people should not overlook it.
  • Find yourself company when you go for your usual walk. A walking partner helps you to stay motivated, and you would not get bored either during the walking session. If you cannot find any friend or family member, then take your pet along with you.
  • Make yourself an exciting workout playlist which you can enjoy while you walk.
  • Do not go too hard on yourself and increase the number of steps gradually only.

Mentioned above is a simple guide to the selection and usage of a pedometer. You should also consult your friends or family or your physical trainer for better suggestions. Along with that put in your full effort and research about the product and which one suits you the best. You can find best pedometer guide at as a guide to the most suitable pedometer according to your needs and requirements.

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