9 Fitness benefits of Choosing Cycling as a regular Exercise

Cycling comes with a full spectrum of benefits. From offering loads of fun and allowing you to paddle down the park or by the river, to improving your stamina and fitness, just deciding to cycle to work every day can come with a myriad of positive effects. Want to know all about the health and fitness benefits of Cycling? Keep on reading.

1. Controls your Weight and boosts the Immune System

Riding a bicycle has been shown to burn calories and helps in reducing body fat. Cycling is low impact exercise, so when done moderately for extended periods of time, it offers great results for those who want to lose weight. According to a study, simply cycling every day for six months can contribute to losing 12% of body fat. Add a healthy diet to the mix, and you’ll be reaching your goal weight for sure. Cycling has also been connected to lower inflammation levels, improved defence activity and metabolic health which in return boosts immune regulation.

2. Reduce the Risk of Chronic Illness

Research has shown that people who cycled for more than half an hour a day had a 40% lower risk of developing diabetes. Furthermore, cardiorespiratory fitness also improves with endurance exercises such as cycling. People who cycle at least 150 minutes a week are less likely to develop heart disease and type 2 diabetes as well. Furthermore, cyclists who biked to work have on average 15% fewer heart attacks than those non-cyclists. Unlike running, cycling is a low impact workout that will be much better for your joints while offering all the great benefits running does.

3. Improves your Mood

As you cycle, the body releases happy and feel-good hormones such as endorphins. That’s why this type of physical activity is great for those battling depression because it’s been shown to lift up your mood the more regularly you do it. Cycling has also shown to boost emotional health, by lowering cortisol levels in the brain. Boosting your mood further boosts your libido. After a season of cyclocross, you’ll notice that you’ve become leaner and more athletic than before, while also feeling good day by day.

4. An array of Mental Health benefits

Lowered stress levels are also closely connected to cycling. Can you think about going to work without being stuck in traffic? Isn’t that the most stressful part of the day? Knowing that you’ll be late raises stress and anxiety levels, so cycling can be a great alternative that won’t make you nervous in any way. Just think about choosing from a wide selection of top-quality mountain bicycles and investing in the one that will allow you to go to any terrain you imagine to let all your worries away during the weekend. Clearing your mind, and spending time in fresh air is very beneficial for the mind. A sense of peace and clarity that comes with every bike ride will have positive effects on your mental, emotional and physical health too.

5. Builds Muscles

Being the resistance training, cycling means that it doesn’t just burn fat, but it builds muscle. That is especially true about the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Muscle is leaner than fat, and people with a higher percentage of muscle burn more calories. So, if you’d like to get a more defined body, consider cycling as your free time activity whenever you can.

6. Improved Sleep

Better sleeping patterns have also been closely connected to cycling. Following this benefit, you’ll also get a reduction in anxiety which will also work towards improving your sleeping patterns. The more energy you use during the day, the more tired you’ll be in the evening and allow your body to prepare for sleep. If you’ve been waking up often during the night and couldn’t go sleep throughout the night, consider cycling every day for at least half an hour.

7. Good for your Libido

If you thought that cycling benefits sexual disfunction, think again. As long as you’re sitting comfortably and having a seat that doesn’t cause any type of numbness and discomfort, you’ll only reap positive benefits from cycling. Riding a bike has been shown to increase sexual behaviour both in men and in women. Aside from that, riding a bike will help grow a significant group of muscles that you use regularly during sexual acts. The better developed those muscles, the longer and more athletic intercourse will be.

8. Reduces Cancer Risk

According to a study, cycling can also reduce the risk of cancer. What’s more, cycling can cut a rider’s risk of developing heart disease or cancer in half. By raising your heart rate and getting the blood pumping, your overall health and immune system will improve. Therefore, your body will feel and become healthier. Consistent daily exercise at moderate-intensity levels can lower the risk of breast cancer.

9. Builds Stamina

Just like any endurance sport, cycling is up there as one of the best sports leading to an increase in your energy levels in your body. The more frequent you ride, the longer you’ll be able to ride eventually. Not to mention that stamina will become beneficial in other activities, such as running or having sex. You have to admit that it’s no fun having to take a break just because you’re out of breath before you had the chance to start having fun.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a new type of activity to engage in? Are you sick and tired of running and spending countless hours at the stifling gym? If you are, then we suggest you shift to cycling. With a full spectrum of health and fitness benefits, you’ll be able to enjoy exercising while also protecting your health. Lower your blood pressure, stress levels and the risk of developing chronic illness. You’ll also lower the risk of getting cancer, improve stamina, libido and feel better overall. Not to mention that you’ll sleep like a baby and wake up rested to tackle another working day. Grab your bike, or invest in a new one, and start your cycling journey today to feel all the benefits as soon as possible.