Peanut Milk to Ice Cream toppings 5 delicious Ways to enjoy Peanuts

One of the most versatile nuts around, the humble but reliable peanut can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, with the most popular being just to eat them as they are. But there are many other ways to enjoy these delicious nuts. In this article, we list down 5 different things you can do to have your daily serving of peanuts. Read below to explore delicious Ways to enjoy Peanuts.

Drink Peanut Milk

If you’ve been on a recent healthy kick or you’ve just always been lactose intolerant, then you may have already heard about plant-based milk alternatives that are not only just as delicious as dairy milk but easier on your digestion and waistline as well. One such variant of plant milk is peanut-based milk, which is slowly becoming as popular as almond milk and soy milk.

A glass of peanut milk packs just as much protein as the same amount of dairy milk, which means it’s just as good as a post-workout treat, especially if you’re planning on building muscle. To top it all off, it’s completely heart-healthy, having zero trans fat and cholesterol.

Enjoy them in their Peanut Butter form

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? One of the most enduring breakfast and snack staples that’s enjoyed all over the world, peanut butter can be added to almost anything, making any food immediately much more scrumptious, no matter if it’s just a piece of bread or even something savory, like a meat stew.

Thanks to its worldwide popularity, peanut butter can be enjoyed any way you like—creamy, chunky or even with additional flavors. All such variants are widely available in supermarkets. You can even make peanut butter easily on your own, too, if you’re looking to avoid the usual preservatives and other additives that many commercial peanut butters contain.

Add them as an ingredient to Noodles, Asian Dishes and Meaty recipes

Peanuts aren’t just perfect for snacking and making delicious sandwich spreads with.They’re also great for garnishing dishes, specifically ‘soft’ ones like those with noodles. Moreover, they’re also a main ingredient in many Asian and meaty dishes. Just sprinkling a handful of crushed roasted peanuts over your dish will give it an entirely new dimension in both flavor and texture, in addition to giving it a kick of protein and energy.

Enjoy them as Ice Cream toppings

Want to spice up that boring plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream in the freezer? A handful of crushed nuts sprinkled on your next scoop or bowl of ice cream can turn what would be a so-so dessert into a much more scrumptious and palate-pleasing one. Just make sure to use the kind of nuts that aren’t pre-seasoned with salt, otherwise they could be a bit too overpowering in terms of taste.

Blend them in with your Trail Mix

When it comes to giving you that boost of energy whenever you need it—whether at the office or at the backpacker trail—nothing is handier and tastier than trail mix. This hiking favorite—composed of nuts, granola, dried fruits, and chocolate candies—keeps for quite a while as long as it’s packed right. It also requires zero prep time to consume, and you can have as little or as much as you like depending on just how peckish you’re feeling after a workout, after hiking, or after a long day at work. By adding peanuts to your trail mix, you not only up its energy content, you also give it a lovely earthy flavor.

There are many ways to enjoy peanuts, with this particular list of five only scratching the surface. However you choose to have them, do note that peanuts pack quite a bit of calories with every serving, so make sure you consume a reasonable quantity if you’re looking to lose weight or if you need to maintain calorific deficit. Enjoy Peanuts!