Forklift Parts you’re Likely to replace Soon

Forklifts are very important for warehouse operations. In their lifespan, forklifts require specialized upkeep including replacing most used parts for effective functioning. Regardless of whether you have an electric or IC-powered forklift, knowing the parts, you’re likely to replace soon overcomes various maintenance challenges.

Having your forklifts working at optimal capacity is essential especially during busy periods. Knowing where and when to get essential replacement parts protects your business from unexpected breakdowns. Here are the parts you’re most likely to replace soon.


The forks on a forklift usually handle heavy stress. Forklift forks are made of heavy-duty materials but a time comes and they wear out. Ignoring to check whether the forks on your forklift need replacement increases the chances of dropping loads. This might cause injuries in the warehouse leading to fatalities or damage to goods or structures. Regular checks on the forks and getting replacements ensure safety and prevent tragedies.


Forklift brakes stop loads of various weights in a short distance. This puts them at risk of wearing out soon depending on how often you use the forklift. Safe operation in your warehouse requires knowing a reliable place where to purchase forklift parts online. Regular checks and necessary replacements of the brakes are important safety measures in a workplace.

The brakes decelerate and stop a forklift after movement at various speeds. Keep in mind that the truck is carrying various weights. Replacing the brakes is very important even when the forklift has drum brakes, brake pads, or oil-cooled, replacing brakes is very important. The rule of thumb is to replace the brakes at the first sign of wear. This allows the brakes to stop safely and in time to limit chances of fatality, injury, or damage to capital equipment.

Masts and Chains

The forklift mast chains extend the mast and carriage in a shift. So, each movement extension and retraction put the masts and chains under immense strain. Lifting and holding heavy loads makes periodic replacement of the mast and chains very important to ensure operational safety and efficiency. Damaged masts and chains might cause fatalities, severe injuries, damage to goods and structures.

Oil and Air Filters

These two components protect the forklift engine from avoidable damage that can become expensive. The damage to the oil and air filter might come from overheating and contaminants in the oil. It is very important to change these as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the optimal efficiency of your forklift. Regular replacement of the filters prolongs the forklift’s operating life.

When replacing the filters more regularly, the problem might be cleanliness in your workspace. The proactive thing to do is to improve cleanliness to enhance air quality. This improves the health and safety of your workplace while protecting the filters from dirt and clogging.


Forklift tires ensure the comfort and safety of the operator. Damage on the tires increases the possibility of damage to loads and structure while lifting and transporting. Additionally, damaged tires come with a risk of encouraging workspace injuries while lifting and loading. Some of the signs of damage to forklift tires include:

  • Tearing
  • Chunking
  • Balding
  • Ripping

Prompt replacement of the tires encourages workspace safety, productivity, and fuel efficiency. The most significant benefit of maintaining your forklift tires is to comply with OSHA standards.


Forklift tynes lift heavy loads regularly making them at a high risk of wear and tear. Besides, the tynes are at risk of damage resulting from misaligned lifting and loading of weights. Damage to the tynes encourages dropping of loads leading to fatalities, injury, and damage to loads and structure. Proper inspection of the tynes and prompt replacement at the first sign of damage are very important.

Warning Indicators

The standard colors for forklift warning indicators are blue, red, white, and yellow. Keep in mind that most high-tech forklifts today use LED warning lights. These offer better visibility for all conditions and are energy efficient. Before each shift, the operator should inspect the forklift to check whether the horn, signals, and other safety control function properly. Doing this allows discovering any safety parts that need replacement.


A forklift driver plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of the truck. Most forklift accidents result from operator errors such as inappropriate forklift training. it is very important to hire drivers with training and experience handling the type of forklifts you have. Equally important is for the driver to properly inspect all equipment before a shift and understand workplace safety guidelines.

Wrapping up

Operations in a warehouse require using a forklift to lift and load heavy weights. The breakdown of this truck is likely to disrupt operations. To avoid this, you have to understand the type of forklift parts that you are likely to replace soon. Keep in mind that even OEM parts wear out over time. The best thing is to know where to buy forklift replacement parts online.