Suffering from Memory Loss after a Plane Crash

It’s not surprising that an accident victim may have trouble remembering what happened or what led to their accident. Having memory blanks or having distorted reaction is normal after an accident. One of the common accidents where victims suffer from memory loss is in plane accidents, as survivors are stuck in a state where they think of escaping the danger.

If you believe someone is responsible for you or your loved one memory loss after a plane accident, you may want to file a claim

How to Deal with Memory Loss after a Plane Crash?

Memory loss is a state where an individual is exposed to unusual forgetfulness. Such an individual is unable to recall events, either past or present, or even both.

Memory loss is one significant symptom suffered by accident victims. It affects individuals differently. While some recover within a short time, others may live with the condition, and it can even get worse as time goes by. According to Mayo Clinic, some symptoms may be used to determine whether one has memory loss:

1. Unable to process information.

2. Asking for information repeatedly.

3. Mixing up words.

4. Misplacing items.

5. Unable to recall common words while speaking.

Memory loss can be divided into three main parts

Post-traumatic – A plane accident survivors may be in a state of confusion immediately after the crash.

Anterograde – This is where the victim doesn’t have the ability to form new memories following the plane accident. It can be termed as a decline inability to retain new information. The victim may be unable to work or even perform their basic daily activities.

Retrograde – A plane accident victim may not be in a position to recall any events that occurred just before they had their memory loss.

If you or your loved one has been in a plane accident and suffered memory loss that can be linked to negligence, you may file a compensation claim.

One reason for getting compensated is because memory loss can significantly interfere with one’s daily living activities.

In some cases, accident victims don’t suffer from memory loss because the accident may be severe, but the brain cannot recall what happened. The reason is that the mind enters into a state of stress and has too many trade-offs to save one’s life. The action later leads to harming the memory-making ability.

People who suffer from traumatic brain injuries are more likely to experience memory loss.

Memory loss after a plane accident may be triggered by injuries such as:

1. Head trauma

2. Severe brain injury

Getting prompt medical care after a plane accident would be vital. An experienced doctor can tell to which degree your memory loss would be a concern.

There is no set formula for treating memory loss; the idea would be to first determine what is causing such memory loss. For instance, if a victim has memory loss due to a traumatic brain injury, it would be better to conduct tests to determine whether the memory loss could be attached to the injury.

Seeking Legal Recourse

While some memory loss may be normal and resolved after a few days, others may take time and could be a sign of a severe health condition if not treated. Where negligence is involved, it is advisable to hire plane accident attorney in Wasilla for legal help.

For instance, it’s more likely for someone who has suffered from traumatic brain injury to manifest memory loss as one of the injury symptoms. If ignored, such injuries could even lead to death.

When one is experiencing memory loss, it’s advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Mostly your memory loss will be linked to some injury you may have suffered. And you may wonder how to get compensation to cover your expenses. Whether you were involved in a domestic or an international flight, you have to be fairly compensated. You need a lawyer who has an experience of dealing with plane accidents and understands how to come up with your personal injury claim.

Many airlines are strict on what to reveal about the accident, to the survivors or the family members of the injured victims. It requires someone who understands the grim subject. An experienced lawyer will help you with:

1. A quicker process of recovery by determining what is the best way to access proper treatment. They can advise on getting a doctor’s lien. This means that a medical provider can file a medical lien claim to get a portion of your settlement process, to get back the money you have spent for your medical treatment.

2. Conduct extensive investigations to support your claim.

3. Ensure your settlement or verdict is fair to make good the losses you will have incurred for your medical costs.

Advanced memory loss treatment may be costly.

It would be unfair for plane accident survivors to pay for injuries suffered due to a pilot, plane part manufacturers, or any other liable party negligent actions. If you are in such a position, it’s recommended having airplane accident lawyer fight for your legal rights.