Mattress Longevity – How to Extend its Life?

Everyone sleeps between six and eight hours a night: the body rests on a soft bed and recharges its batteries for the next day. In order for you to succeed, a high-quality mattress is important. But over time, the Mattress Longevity decreases. The following article shows how long you can use them, why high quality is advisable and other interesting facts.

High Quality Mattresses

Every person needs their own mattress on which they sleep every night. Because your own body weight plays a major role in the distribution of the mattress core. Over time this takes on more and more shape of the body.

The degree of hardness is also decisive for the comfort, since every person has a different feeling. The degrees of hardness range from soft, medium to hard and are distinguished by the designations H1 to H5.

H1 – Degree of hardness for people under 60 kg.
H2 – Degree of hardness for people weighing 60 to 80 kg.
H3 – Degree of hardness for people weighing 80 kg or more.
H4 – Degree of hardness for people weighing 100 kg or more.
H5 – Degree of hardness for people weighing 140 kg or more.

The hardness level H2 and H3 are often popular with men and women of all ages.

A good Cold Foam, Latex or Spring Core Mattress is therefore Advisable

High-quality box spring beds such as those at Furniture one offer good quality that promise a long service life. They are equipped with excellent types of mattresses, which are either made of latex or cold foam or which are provided with a spring core. High quality does not always have to mean expensive. There are many models that are affordable for all budgets and that have a long service life.

What does volume weight mean?

When buying a mattress, it is not only important to pay attention to the degree of hardness and processing, but also to the density. In the case of foam mattresses, the volume weight indicates how high the gross density is. The small air bubbles that are trapped inside ensure that the box spring mattress gives way when it is lying on it. The higher the proportion, the better the quality. This becomes noticeable over time, because a latex or cold foam mattress with a high-volume weight can be used for a long time.

Set up the bedroom perfectly

The bedroom is the perfect retreat to relax from the stress of everyday life. That is why box spring beds that offer an oasis of serenity and tranquillity are becoming increasingly popular. If you have such a bed, you can set up your bedroom comfortably according to your preferences.

Colours and images should only be used discreetly in order to ensure little distraction. A television or smartphone are also taboo in the bedroom to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

This is also noticeable at night, because the sleeping person loses less sweat. This in turn pleases the mattress core, which has to absorb less liquid.

How often should a mattress be replaced?

In one night, a person loses a lot of sweat that gets inside the mattress. About half a litter of sweat accumulates per night. Most of it evaporates again, but some remains. Therefore, the box spring mattress becomes heavier over time. Adequate ventilation and cleaning is important to prevent mould.

If none of that helps, it’s time to buy a new one.

Buying a mattress should therefore begin after three years at the earliest and after ten years at the latest.

Checking the functionality

A check of the mattress function should be repeated at least twice a year. It is best when turning mattresses is the order of the day. This usually happens in spring and autumn. Take a look at how high the stress is in relation to the material. Is the middle part of the mattress already on the slatted frame? Then it is time for a new cold foam or pocket spring mattress. Otherwise, you will experience severe back pain, which will be noticeable during the day. The spine becomes cramped while sleeping and the next day the body feels as if it were bruised.

Spring cleaning in the bedroom

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop in the bedroom either. On the contrary: it is best if it is repeated in autumn. The mattress rotation mentioned earlier is effective for checking for mould, dust mites, and stains.

When cleaning, the entire box spring bed should be cleaned with a cloth that is dipped in a little vinegar and lukewarm water. This creates a neutral ordo, drives away dust mites and removes old flakes of skin. A person loses around half a kilogram of this in a year, which can be found on the mattress protector and on the slatted frame.

The right cleaning for in between

Dust mites are natural, but they can cause allergies and impair the quality of the mattress. That is why it is important to fight the dust mites several times a year. A special dust mite vacuum cleaner or a nozzle on the household vacuum cleaner will help. Ideally, this should be repeated every six weeks. This also has positive effects on the quality of the mattress, which increases for an indefinite period of time.

To achieve a clean result, a little cornstarch is placed on the bare mattress surface and left for at least 30 minutes. Then vacuum everything off: The cornstarch kills mites, bacteria and the like and creates a neutral ordo.

Don’t forget to change the bed linen

The bed linen also attracts dust, dust mites and the like, which is why it should always be changed. Unwanted roommates are killed at 60 degrees in the washing machine. Sheets should be changed every two to four weeks. Mites already die at four degrees Celsius, which is why the duvets should be put outside when it is cold.

A mattress protector and wearing pyjamas also extend the shelf life of the box spring mattress.

Correct disposal

At some point the time will come when the old mattress should be disposed of and a new one should be bought. Many furniture stores also offer this service. Another option is provided by the municipal recycling centres, which guarantee disposal in accordance with the rules.

Checklist for a long mattress use

In addition, there is a checklist that enables the mattress to be used for a long time.

  • Checking the mattress surface.
  • Degree of hardness still okay.
  • Resilience given: no resting on the slatted frame or back pain on the spine.
  • Slatted frame intaction.
  • No stains, no mould to be seen.
  • Volume weight okay.
  • Cleaning several times a year.
  • Use of bed linen, pyjamas and savers.
  • Correct disposal before buying a new one.


Buying a mattress is always advisable if the material no longer feels so good. The volume weight plays an important role, which is by no means negligible. Then high-quality box spring mattresses made of latex, cold foam or with a spring core come into question, which will last for a few years if properly and regularly cared for.