How to Buy best Tasting Cake for any Occasion within Budget?

Cakes have always been the inevitable part of any occasion. Be it birthday party, wedding anniversary or job promotion party anything, cakes are always there and if you are planning to buy a very delicious cake for a special occasion, you must implement some cool tricks to buy a mouth-watering cake within your budget.

Finally it’s time to commission your confection and that’s why you should not waste more time and nibble on these smart ways to save some good amount of cash when ordering a delicious cake.

Fake a big One

The moment you hear the word “Fondant” the first thing you visualize an aesthetic work of art on a plate but it is really not necessary to pile up a significant amount of cash to get the sugar rush. If you are running with a tight budget, you should go for faux tier. When it is decorated, all tiers look same and at the same time it tastes also good. You can easily

Stay Short

It is always better to buy short cake instead of buying tall, multi tiered cake. The actual fact is that short single or two tier cakes always come with a cheaper price than tall, multi tier cakes because making a tall cakes more effort and cost and that’s why they are expensive.

Dress up Smartly

Sugar paste flowers may look really amazing but creating such decorations is such a laborious and time consuming affair and that’s why the these cakes are costly. Instead of using edible decorations, you can use real blooms or ribbons as a decoration or you can find an affordable cake topper in the market that can serious add a wow factor to the cake without making a hole into your pocket.

Offer something Alternative

Just because you don’t present a long towering cake that doesn’t mean you are missing the fun of having something really nice. You can simply replace it with a super delicious, affordable pie option. You can make it look really eye catching by serving it on a nice looking stand.

Set up a dessert Bar

It’s time to think something new and of course interesting. You can actually decorate the outside of the tier with favorite treats like brownies, cookies and donuts etc. You should arrange them on a tantalizing display and it would really make an as same impact as a costly cake.

Use Coupon Code

Instead of buying it from a regular brick and mortar shop, you should go for cake delivery from a popular online store. The best part of ordering it from online cake store is that most of the well known online stores offer discount coupon so that you can save some cash.