List of Himalayan Treks for Trekkers and Adventure Seekers

Trekkers and adventure seekers from across the world have visited the Himalayas in order to search for new walkways, climb up a new unidentified mountain and explore the popular trekking routes that have been made impossible. The Himalayas provide some of Northern India’s most wonderful hiking locations and are the country’s main tourist destination. Each valley provides offbeat holiday places for adventure. The Himalayas has something for everyone from a weekend, short treks, and a lot of advanced mountain climbing.

1. Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba is the highest peak in Uttarakhand’s lesser Himalayan region, rising 3,022 metres above sea level. The trek is named after ‘Nag Devta,’ and it’s a great weekend getaway for passengers. Because it includes the best peaceful and exhilarating trekking tourist attractions through tropical rainforest as well as farmlands, the Nag Tibba journey is a marvellous pleasure for enthusiasts from all over the world. You’ll see absolutely gorgeous plants and animals, lovely tropics and subtropics mountainous regions, and dense vegetation that will make you fall in love with its glitz on your Nag Tibba trek.

2. Kalicho Pass

You should receive authorization from the temple of Banni Mata before passing the pass and only three lots of this pass may be passed every year. The lots must complete the journey in a specific timeframe and all these rules are strictly adhered to. This trek will challenge both your physical and mental strength and is the rawest trek on the list. Do this to your gratification as soon as you go through the pass. One of the many underexplored treks in India, it will be useful to get to know trails before you go hiking.

3. Brahmatal Trek

A summit winter trek and a trek for snow enthusiasts in Brahmatal. The temperatures do not drop to -5oC during the winter night, not very difficult in terms of physical exertion. There are not many winter treks available, but Brahmatal treks are among India’s best offbeat winter treks. It stretches for miles and walks across the dense forest opening to the snowfield. The end of the hike brings you to the top of the mountain which seems to be within reach of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti. The Roopkund Trek can also be seen. Not many hiking trails can boast a high-level lake, but the Brahmatal trek offers you two high-level lakes.

4. Sandakphu Trek

If you ever wished to hike through the country, you have fulfilled your dreams. The Sandakphu trek from India to Nepal offers an insight into a number of the highest mountain peaks in the world such as Everest Mount and Kanchenjunga Mountain and sleeping Buddha Mountain. You’ve been walking alongside Sleeping Buddha for the most part of the trek. The hiking trail is as diverse in geography as possible. The Sandakphu Trek offers one of the best trekking adventures in India, ranging from mountain tops, ridges, and dark Alpine forests to Bamboo forests. Your Instagram profile will get the boost that you wanted with a picture-perfect sunrise and sunset.

5. Kashmir Great Lakes

The big lakes trek of Cashmere is the indisputable champion of India’s most beautiful trek. Some trek may be nearly equal, but Kashmir’s Great Lakes have the crown at the end of the day. KGL trek offers five alpine lakes to take you through the scenic beauty of Kashmir. Not every day, but this untouched trekking gives you a chance to deepen in the tranquility of the beauty that is Kashmir. It is the beauty of nature that is pure. Kashmir is a paradise for photographers and will offer some of your largely-angled lens’ picturesque campsites and scenes.

6. Rupin Pass

The Rupin Pass Trek is one of the most classic and beautiful tours in India. The trek appears like an orchestra with dramatic tension and unexpected events at each corner up and down. Rupin Pass is still one of India’s best hiking trails. For most of the walk to the famous Rupin Waterfall, the Rupin River would be with you. It opens up over the waterfall to the immense snowfield in the backdrop of different mountain peaks. The sanctimonious beauty of the trek ensures that you Planning to do a trek? Book the amazing kedarkantha trek at the best price.

take another step forward and motivate yourself. It is not for those that prefer short treks.