Trekking near Mumbai – Top 10 Destinations

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis on the western coast of India, is known for its fast-paced life, vibrant culture, and the Bollywood film industry. While the city offers its residents and visitors a plethora of opportunities, sometimes a break from the urban chaos is much needed. Fortunately, Mumbai is also surrounded by scenic hills and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal base for trekking enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the top 10 destinations for trekking near Mumbai, offering a perfect escape into nature’s embrace.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Located in the Sahyadri Mountains, Rajmachi Fort Trek is a popular choice among trekkers. The trail takes you through lush green valleys, picturesque waterfalls, and ancient ruins. The fort offers panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and is a treat for history buffs.

Kalsubai Peak

Standing tall at 5,400 feet, Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra and a must-visit for avid trekkers. The trek challenges you with steep slopes and rocky terrains, but the breathtaking view from the summit makes it all worthwhile. The sunrise from Kalsubai is particularly mesmerizing, painting the sky with vibrant hues.


Known for its magnificent Konkan Kada, Harishchandragad is a trekker’s paradise. The trail takes you through dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and ancient temples. The highlight of the trek is the Konkan Kada, a cliff with a sheer drop of 1,423 meters, offering awe-inspiring views of the surrounding valleys.

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort, located near Lonavala, is a historical marvel that attracts trekkers from far and wide. The trek to Lohagad is relatively easy, making it suitable for beginners as well. Once at the top, you can explore the fort’s impressive architecture, including the Vinchu Kata, a unique and challenging rock climb.

Karnala Fort

Situated in the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Karnala Fort is a popular trekking spot near Mumbai. The trek offers a chance to witness a rich variety of flora and fauna, including many bird species. The view from the top of the fort is breathtaking, with a panoramic vista of the surrounding hills and the Mumbai skyline.


Matheran, a quaint hill station near Mumbai, is a favorite weekend getaway for city dwellers. The trek to Matheran is a delightful experience, as vehicles are not allowed in the town, making it pollution-free and serene. The trail takes you through dense forests, cascading waterfalls, and offers stunning views of the Sahyadri range.

Peb Fort

Also known as Vikatgad, Peb Fort is a hidden gem near Mumbai. The trek to the fort takes you through lush green meadows, dense forests, and a thrilling rock patch. The view from the top offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the nearby Matheran range.


Bhimashankar, located in the Sahyadri range, is not only a revered pilgrim site but also a fantastic trekking destination. The trek takes you through dense forests and offers glimpses of various wildlife species. The highlight of the trek is the Bhimashankar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which attracts devotees and trekkers alike.

Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort, situated near Lonavala, is a trekkers’ delight. The trail meanders through dense forests, trickling streams, and rocky terrains. Once you reach the top, you can explore the fort’s ancient ruins, including caves, water cisterns, and the famous Peshwa’s palace.


Andharban, meaning the ‘Dark Forest,’ is a unique trekking experience near Mumbai. The trail takes you through dense forests with a canopy so thick that it blocks sunlight, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. The trek is known for its mesmerizing waterfalls, gurgling streams, and a thrilling descend through the rocky terrain.


Before embarking on any trek, it is crucial to be well-prepared. Carry essentials like comfortable trekking shoes, sufficient water, snacks, a first aid kit, and appropriate clothing. Additionally, respect the environment and practice responsible trekking by not littering and leaving no trace.

Mumbai offers a gateway to a treasure trove of trekking destinations. From historic forts to picturesque peaks, each trekking spot near Mumbai offers a unique experience. So, gather your gear, leave the chaos of the city behind, and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature’s embrace.

Happy trekking!