Time to Visit or Mandatory Documents to Carry for Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari pass trek is a must visit trek irrespective of your experience. Raised to an altitude of almost 12,000ft you will be presented with the magnificent beauty of the most celebrated mountains Nandha devi and Dronagiri. Taking up this trek is the most suitable one for those who seek adventure in not so demanding terrains. The scenic beauty of the snow-crafted forests are beyond words. The Oak leaves with snowflakes on them, the forest floor carpeted with white snow, everything will give you a feel that it has been decorated just for you to have a taste of the experience.

Without any second thought i can say that you’ll enjoy this trek in the Himalayan region. With high altitudes, breathtaking beauty, mixed terrains, beautiful views under the rash landform, soothing breeze, magnificent view of summits all around, walking in those woods and sharing stories while warming in the camp fire and gazing at the night sky Is going to be a exotic experience.

Quick Facts about the Kuari Pass Trek

  • The total distance that you’ll cover in this trek by walk is about 21.5 km
  • 4-6 days of time is required to complete this trek
  • This trek is rated as one of the moderately easy treks because the terrain isn’t that steep , yet there are certain places where it gets steeper.
  • This pass is located at an altitude of almost 12,516ft above the sea level
  • The closest hospital and ATM is located in joshimath, also you will have various exit points all through the trek , if at all you face any emergency situation.

Mandatory Documents to Carry with you for Kuari Pass Trek

1. Producing Original and photocopies of government photo identity cards is mandatory.

Example: Aadhar Card, License, Passports

2. Your documents will be checked by the forest officials for purposes of verification.

3. In some cases you’ll need to provide fitness certificate and medical certification to take up this trek.

Time to visit the Kuari Pass

The month of March and April offers you the most scenic views of the spring in the pass with baby leaves sprouting out.
The months of may and june is a time to escape the hot burning sun, as the high raised elevation feathers you with cool breeze
Autumn during the mid September to November will take you a walk through the bright golden brown decorated trail of the pass.
Winters crown the peaks, with pearly white snow which is a picture perfect view.

The Kuari Pass Trek

This trek starts from Tapoban, a village in the garhwal region which is the base camp for this trek. It further takes you to karchhi village which is around 3 kms from Tapoban. After that You will have to reach Dhak village which is about 1.5-2 km from where your real trail actually starts.

The best part of taking the kuari pass trek is the view of mt. Nandha devi, you will see the range right in front of you with that classic bold look. You will get to view this during the trail from Auli to Gorson bugyal and it then will disappear after crossing gorson bugyal.

You’ll also see mt.dronagiri beside mt.nanda devi. Apart from that you’ll also get to see other mountain ranges such as neelkanth, charkhamba and hathi ghoda. The picturesque oak forests can be another reason for you to have this trek in your list. They stand lined up in the place where the climb is not very steep and it gradually merges into the meadows with a nice flow. About 1½ or 2 hours of pure bliss you’ll feel, while walking through the forests.

Yet Another reason to give a short to this trek is the walk in the meadows. The long stretches gorson bugyal will be lingers in your mind ever after, with mt.nanda devi and dronagiri on one side and the green meadows on the other side and walking to the ridge at 12000 ft will be a experience to keep cherishing for life.

Things you need to Take Care of

It is a must that you make sure you are not suffering from any medical illness that is related to height. If you are a person having breathing difficulties it is best advised that you take prior medical advice from your doctor and then take up this trek.

Make sure you are physically fit to take up this trek as you have to climb steep mountains in some parts. Having prior experience hiking up a Himalayan range is best, if you don’t have one it’s not an issue because this trail is a moderately easy one and any novice trekker can also give it a try.

Pack your bag with

1. The first and foremost pack your bag with your thermal wears ,woolen clothes and extra pair of socks

2. Carrying your trekking shoes, gloves, and your sunglasses is best.

3. Carry your trekking poles as it would support you when climbing up

4. Make sure to carry your personal first aid kit and medication.

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