Do I believe in Astrology Sign & Daily Horoscope Reading?

Do I believe in Astrology Sign & Daily Horoscope Reading?

Do you ever play with a remote control car? By sitting in one place you can move your toy car to any location with in the range. You can turn your car left or right. You can stop if required. You can control the speed of your car. Here I intense to tell you, like the remote control car you are also controlled by the nature. In the shape of Astrology let you know what are the major objects affects our life style. Let us move one by one.

Space & Our Solar System

Imagine the Space. We are locating to earth (Pruthivi). Astrology start from the next moment you are in earth. Just after birth when baby comes out he/she started facing the invisible waves from planets. Now you can ask me “What waves do we face just after our birth?”. YAP. I already told you we are in space. In your birth time around you there is RAVI (the Sun), CHANDRA (the moon), BUDHA, SUKRA, MANGAL, BRUHASHPATI, SANI like many more. In solar system earth is positioned in third. Science says Sun has MAHAKARSHAN. Earth has MADHYAKARSHAN. Look wide & think you don’t believe our solar system is a back anatomy of our hand watch. I mean time.

How Moon effects on Earth?

So planets position affects our live style. Its very true. About moon this is the most nearest element of our earth. When in PURNIMA (with full moon) the lovely moon can able to create waves in the ocean. Its natural in a human body when 90% contains are water moon affects a big. About URANCE, NEPTUNE & PLUTO these are far away from earth. They has effects on earth living but not directly. After planet & moon two more bad objects named as RAHU & KETU. Including SANI these two are also dangerous.

Birth time & position Matters

In Astrology time & location matters. When you born & Where you born. According to this astrologers can calculates planet positions. Refer to planet positions total human being is categorized into 12 sun-signs. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius.

Assume the time you born at day 12 o clock. Here from your life cycle started. The time 12 o clock means Sun is just above you. Moon is behind you & other planets are in several angles. According to astrology here sun say’s that RAVI is in the top. As RAVI is the most powerful element of Solar System the nature of the fellow born at 12 o clock can be like a leader. But he/she can’t be an artist due to moon is not in the proper place. Its behind the scene. Like this there are many predication’s using Astrology. Experienced astrologer can predicate 80% correct informations about feature & feature goal.

I hope with the above paragraphs you are clear about how astrology affects our life. Astrology is nothing but the effects of planets on us. Even this planets position controls our thinking & thoughts. From a road accident to success in exam comes with planets position. This is varies for each individual.