All about Government Funded Certificate III Aged Care Course in Australia

As an initiative to develop skill options in Australia, the Australian government has formulated some skilled diploma and certificate courses which are offered on class-time basis as well as online. These governments funded certificate courses and diploma courses are provided under various named universities and institutes which hone the skill set and knowledge of interested candidates and prepare them towards taking up a professional career in the chosen area. One such area in which government funds courses is Certificate III Aged Care Courses.

About Government Funded Certificate Courses – Certificate III Aged Care Courses

The Certificate III in Aged Care Courses are nationally recognized qualification which lets you acquire skillset, knowledge, and understanding essential to become a dedicated worker in aged care. The government funded certificate III in aged care courses prepares a candidate to work in community groups, a personal aged care worker at clients homes and as well as in residential aged-care facilities.

The Course is imparted on online is imparted in:

  • A face-to-face classroom setting
  • Online basis

Education Delivery Methods

The course isn’t entirely theory based but is a proactive and practical in nature delivered in a course of 14 weeks. The certificate 3 in aged care online government funded course involves structured learning activities along with work-based training facilities. The practical explore given during the course is great to have on-field real life experiences and be exposed to a potential employer as well.

Eligibility for the Government Funded Aged Care Courses

The course can be availed by any interested candidate, the only prerequisites for students to get:

  • National Policy Clearance
  • Medical Clearance (may be required)

Note: Recognition of Candidates with prior work experience in the field or with qualification obtained in aged care training or degree informal studies in this area or any other related area is available. This may help in reducing the course duration of a candidate.

Career Opportunities

On completion of the course, a person can practice his/her career as:

  • Care Worker
  • Personal Care Giver
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Support Worker
  • Residential Care Worker

Benefits of Studying Government Funded Aged Care Courses

The courses are short time courses but provide a great insight towards aged care. Here are a few benefits of studying these courses.

1. Completing this course enables a person to pursue a remunerative career in nursing homes, aged care facilities, residential facilities, home delivers and community care facilities.

2. This qualification is a prerequisite to pursue certificate IV aged care courses which can benefit you in seeking entrance to Enrolled Nursing.

3. The course will impart you with skills and knowledge for many rewarding job positions, such as community care worker, home care assistant, assistant in a nursing home, a personal care assistant at an aged care facility, etc.

4. You can acquire industry-related skills and qualifications which are highly valued in Australia.

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