6 Highest Paying IT Certification Courses for Experienced Professionals

Choosing a career in information technology requires a lot of planning along with personal interest. The certification courses add up stars to your qualification. With multiple fields in IT, there comes n number of certifications to put a stamp on your understanding of the concepts. Whether it is security or networking or data analysis, there are plenty of certifications that match up to your interest.

Here is the list of 6 highest paying IT certification courses that you can take up in order to get a good hike in your career. Taking these certifications can be really helpful in providing a strong base. I would recommend you to take these courses from Intellipaat. Intellipaat is one of the top e-learning provider who provides course on data science, Cloud computing like AWS and azure, Big data and many more. Have a look at the list below:

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This is one of the hottest certifications of the year. This exam tests the person’s ability to design the system on AWS. Once you get the hands-on experience with the services based on AWS and able to architect distributed systems which are large-scale ones then you will be able to clear the certification easily.

2. Java certification

Java is very common and one of the most used programming languages in the IT world. Taking up the certification course in Java can be really beneficial as many big web applications and mobile applications successfully work Java. With high speed and accuracy, Java is the most flexible programming language.

3. Data science certification

Another very popular and trending IT certification course is data science. Almost all the industries today go for data analysis in order to get some useful insights and increase their profit in the market. All the big MNCs including Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc use the data science techniques to understand their users and read their minds. They look for professionals who will be able to handle the complex data sets.

If you plan to take up the Data Science Training, go for the Techdata Solutions, offer Data Science Training in Mumbai and Pune. They provide the best standard offline as well as online training .

4. Big Data Hadoop Certification

Next on the list of best certification courses is Big Data Hadoop certification. Gone are the days when the world was dependent completely on relational databases. Now, is the world of Hadoop where massive data can be managed easily on multiple hardware altogether. There is a high demand for Hadoop professionals in the entire IT industry.

5. Certified Ethical Hacker

Next is the CEH certification which is for IT professionals like auditors, security officers and the one who have the responsibility of data and network security. Cyber threats go along with technological advancements and so goes the need of the certified ethical hackers and hence the certification will always be in demand.

6. Cisco certified network professional certification

CCNP is one of the best certification courses for professionals who are involved in routing, networking and switching based services. Taking up this course can provide new wings to the career and a lot of success in the future. You can become an expert by taking the CCNP Training from ZOOM Technologies which is one of the best institutes of Mumbai providing the best in class training and certificate that is globally accepted.