Interactive Smartboards Painting the Classrooms Red

The field of education took its sweet time, but eventually gave way to the constant pestering of modern, futuristic inventions offered to it. Interactive smartboards are a revolutionary induction to the world of teaching institutes, giving way to a cascade of teaching methodologies never before explored.

The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse provides such a wide variety of interactive whiteboards, that schools and colleges are able to pick and choose the product that best fits their requirements.

Those behind the times could call it “just a fancy whiteboard.” Well, fancy it is! While a regular whiteboard can, well, just let you write on it with a board marker, the groundbreaking alternative has a LOT more to offer.

Interactive Whiteboards Can

  • Act as a standalone computer
  • Act as a large functioning touchpad for other computers to use
  • Work as a Human Input Device
  • Become a digital projector
  • Support Windows, Mac, and Linux OS

Interactive Whiteboards Have

  • Wireless connectivity
  • Video recording tools
  • Video conferencing options
  • A variety of sizes
  • LED technology
  • Next generation teaching software
  • Dual writing and education software
  • Low-glare, smooth surfaces
  • Response times as low as 6ms
  • Hand-writing recognition systems
  • An electronic pen that works like a mouse
  • USB connectivity

Interactive Whiteboards Allow

  • Students to learn and retain knowledge in an exciting, animated environment.
  • Teachers and students to conduct seminars/workshops with participants from any corner of the world.
  • Multiple users to write at the same time.
  • Board-written information to be saved on the screen and reviewed in the next class.
  • Video recordings of classes.
  • Downloading free content from the internet during class.

If that isn’t enough to blow one’s mind, the fact is that those are only a portion of what these fascinating new products are doing to transform the world of education as we know it.

Educators are flocking towards these interactive smartboards due to the staggering impact it has on the way students learn. Young learners have been seen to respond to the modern methods of teaching offered by these boards much better than in the traditional classroom. It is definitely safe to say that the inclusion of interactive whiteboards in classroom teaching has made the experience of learning not only fun and exciting, but increasingly effective as well.