Some of the top EMR Vendors Proven to Increase Revenue

Electronic medical records are now a requirement in today’s healthcare. They offer medical solutions to increase clinical performance, patient engagement, and revenue generation. However, choosing the correct option is one of the most important and complex jobs that clinicians face. Since the market for EHR software is so fragmented, we’ve compiled a list of the best EMR systems for you.

EMR Software with Guaranteed added Profits

One of the core functionalities of medical software is to streamline your administrative tasks to focus on improving the quality of patient care. There are numerous EMR vendors, but only one EHR system will work best for your practice. It is determined by your specific needs as well as your available budget, among other considerations.


CureMD is a leading cloud-based medical software that is known for increasing value and investment returns. It features electronic medical records, a patient portal, a practice management system, and a mobile app.

Moreover, CureMD has achieved Meaningful Use stage 2 certification, putting it on the list of best EMR systems. It streamlines workflow by quickly comprehending and regenerating operations. You can also customize the templates provided as the software is built to accommodate your distinct charting style. The initial price for CureMD software is $195 each month. You can also access a free trial.

Being one of the best EMR systems, CureMD connects you with over 40,000 pharmacists around the country. You can submit lab orders and retrieve them online. It also provides alarms for odd results, evaluates current and previous data, and does more.

Besides, CureMD offers you a patient portal, which enables patients to book appointments electronically. Furthermore, it saves and stores patient health records, such as their health condition, medical history, and allergies, among other things. In addition, it centralizes all crucial data into an easy-to-read digital chart. Lastly, it manages any of your billing tasks also.

Kareo Medical Solutions

Kareo is one of the most popular cloud-based EMR companies that provides billing, electronic medical records, and practice management software. Aside from a user-friendly interface, Kareo EMR software provides you with the best customer service.

Appointment scheduling, charting, patient portal, reporting, remote access, e-prescribing, and a patient portal are just a few of the features that make it belong to the best EMR systems category. If you want to learn more about the medical software, you can request a free demo from the EMR vendors. Kareo Clinical EHR has multiple price levels depending on whether you are a physician, therapist, or non-physician.

1. Physicians have to pay $300 monthly.

2. Non- physicians can pay a monthly fee of $150.

3. Therapists have to pay $100 every month.

The medical software allows you to securely exchange patients health information and billing details through the patient portal. The built-in feature of secure texting enables you to communicate easily with your patients. Using Kareo’s calendar, you can arrange and manage patient visits.

Moreover, the software provides you with flowsheets to learn about your patient’s health condition more quickly. A distinguishing feature that sets Kareo apart from other EMR companies is that it discounts patients who obtain their prescription medications from the local pharmacy.

GE Healthcare Software

GE healthcare is considered the best EMR software for small and medium-sized practices. It is a safe means of storing a patient’s electronic medical records, which you can also share with stakeholders. In addition, one of its selling points is its scalability. You can integrate these medical solutions with another practice management software or use them separately.

Furthermore, it is one of the best EMR systems with reliable interoperability. It is a secure system that complies with HIPAA regulations. You can contact the EHR company to get a purchase quote as pricing details are not available on the website.

The medical software includes a clinical messenger for interacting with patients and other aspects related to patient care. GE Healthcare aims to reduce costs and enhance the quality of patient care. Hence, it is a suitable choice for you if you are looking for cost-effective EMR companies.

In addition, it provides you with a centralized platform of all vital patient health information that you can access easily. Patients have real-time access to their medical data, thus making it convenient for them and boosting patient satisfaction. Through the patient portal, they can carry out various functions like requesting appointments and paying their bills without coming to the billing office. Ultimately, with these comprehensive features, GE healthcare is no doubt the best EMR software.

Athenahealth EHR

athenahealth is among the cloud-based EMR vendors that offer billing and revenue cycle management systems. It provides five medical solutions that are appropriate for small and mid-sized practices.

1. AthenaClinicals provides a web-based platform for electronic medical records.

2. AthenaCollector meets your practice management needs.

3. AthenaCommunicator allows you to keep in touch with your care team and patients.

4. AthenaCoordinator aids in the transmission of orders and the sharing of information.

5. AthenaClarity assists you with financial analytics.

In addition to being HIPAA compliant software, it is one of the best and largest EMR companies in the US. You can view its free demo to get to know its features personally. Besides, the subscription fee begins at $140 monthly for each provider.

Using athenahealth, you can arrange patient visits, monitor their progress, and receive payments for your medical services. It also checks insurance eligibility and frees you of the tedious administrative work associated with it.

Moreover, it features a single dashboard to view all patient data and manage revenue cycle duties. Once the patient details are entered into the system, it automatically adds them into a computerized chart. It also provides you with a mobile application, allowing you to access vital patient information from your phone at any time.

Final Thoughts

Before deciding upon the best EMR software for you, we recommend that you identify the needs of your practice and the primary outcomes that you wish to achieve. Then, you can view the different EMR vendors and compare their advantages and disadvantages to help form your purchase decision. Each of the medical solutions comes with its own set of features. We hope our recommendations help you decide the most suitable system for you.