How to Optimize your Vision Board or Inspiration Board?

You have probably heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and well, vision boards are proof of how much truth these six words carry. Vision board is a powerful tools that help you identify your dreams and help you achieve them through the power of visualization. They are also called dream board or inspiration board.

The real reason vision boards work so well is that they are based on the power of visualization, which is one of the most effective mind exercises. When you imagine yourself as already achieving your dreams, your brain naturally works toward that particular goal to make it a reality. This is how the universal Law of Attraction (LoA) works. It is the idea that you attract what you believe. If you focus or believe in positive thoughts, you will attract positive events or experiences. If you focus your mind toward negative thoughts, only negative things will happen to you.

Vision board is unique and sacredly personal.

A vision board is extremely personal because it is something that reflects your deepest desires. It depicts the kind of person you want to become and where you want to be in life ultimately. It is unique and sacred because it constitutes all the most important goals in all the areas of your life in a tangible form. Understanding and appreciating this will greatly help you to attract these goals.

Creating your very own vision board is not a difficult task. You paste pictures that represent your life goals and your heart’s desires in a board and decorate it as you please. But there are a few tips to help you make the most out of your dream board so that you get all the help you need to make your dreams come true.

1. Identify and include only your most important goals

It is best if you clearly prioritize your desires, and include only the most important ones – the ones that bring you closer to your ultimate goal. Your vision board offers you a limited space to represent your most important goals, and this forces you to narrow down all that you want to achieve.

The limited space will help you to better focus and invest your time and energy to goals that truly matter to you. These can be from different areas of your life like health, relationships, career or personal growth. Do not shy away from being specific in what you want. If you want a certain model of car, paste that picture on your board. If you want a cozy home, find a picture that is close in design to your dream home and put it up on your board.

2. Include how you wish to feel

Perhaps one of the most important points to remember while creating your vision board is that apart from all the material goals you desire, you must also focus on how you want to feel. The Emotional component is just as important as the material component in the process of visualization.

For example, if there is any place that makes you feel calm and at peace every time you visit, make sure a picture of that place finds room on your vision board. Try to revisit or re-experience that particular feeling every time you look at your board. It will definitely contribute a great deal, especially toward personal growth.

3. Include affirmations and motivational quotes

Make sure to include quotes that motivate you and affirmations that help you fight self-doubt. Pictures and photos are great, but these will add the extra inspiration you did not know you needed. Read these every day wholeheartedly and as you do, imagine or visualize yourself already being the kind of person who acts according to these quotes, the kind of person you wish to become.

You can either cut them out from magazines, pamphlets and newspapers or you can print them out from the Internet. Even better, you can also write your own words to motivate you to work toward your goals. After all, there is no one who knows you better than yourself.

4. Include pictures of your role models

A great idea to make your vision board even better is to add pictures of your role models, the people who inspire you. Seeing these images on a regular basis works as a crucial reminder of what values, morals, and habits you wish to cultivate in life.

Make sure to put up happy pictures of your role models. When you look at these photos, visualize yourself emulating the qualities of theirs that you admire. Practice regularly and it will definitely change your character.

5. Be free in your creativity

Keep in mind that there are no rules when it comes to creating your own vision b oard.It is your personal tool to visualize and achieve all your dreams. Design, plan and execute it the way you want. There are no boundaries to limit your creativity.

The size of your board, whether you want a single board or multiple boards for each set of goal, which materials you want to use, whether you want a neat, tidy design or a decorative one all depends on your personal preferences. The only thing that matters is that your board is an honest reflection of your aspirations.