Upcoming Cleaning Services Trends you Should Know

Benjamin Franklin once said that ‘the only two certainties in life are death and taxes’. Perhaps it’s high time to add the third one to the list and that is dirt. Modern lifestyle is giving birth to varied forms of carbon emission, greenhouse gas emissions, particulate matter, microbes, aerosols, pollen, man made pollutants, slugs, and grime. Diseases caused by dirt and pollution are on the rise giving impetus to the cleaning industry.

Facts about the cleaning industry

To put in definitive terms, the cleaning industry encompasses businesses that clean and provide restoration services to commercial buildings, markets, and residential places. The outreach of the industry includes cleaning of homes, office & interior spaces, windows, carpets, panes, frames, upholstery, as well as other areas.

This exponential rise in the growth curve of cleaning services market trends validates the demand for contract cleaning all across the globe.

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Detailed taken from Cleaning market Study

Going by demographics, the comparatively affluent North American market accounts for the largest revenue in the cleaning industry, this is closely followed by the Asia-Pacific circuit due to their rapid growth. Amidst the various attributes making up for the commercial cleaning sector, it is the vacuuming which is expected to grow at the fastest pace in the estimated forecast period. The Asia Pacific market is growing at an accelerated rate and is expected to account for the major portion of the global cleaning market.

The cleaning market is segmented into commercial and residential cleaning services. The estimated share of commercial cleaning services has been reported to be much higher than the residential type. The hike in commercial cleaning services began from the year 2015 owing to the demand for post-construction cleaning when huge market expansion in the construction sector was experienced. While the construction sector requires cleaning of debris, boulders, and cleanings on a larger scale, the residential sector saw an increase in demand for professional cleaners.

Modern market trends

As the cleaning industry is facing an increasing demand there are many new trends that are being observed. Some of the upcoming market trends include:

1. Going green

Although going green is not a new trend, however, the concept of green cleaning is arising afresh in the market and is here to stay. The concept of green cleaning includes utilization of organic, environmentally-friendly chemicals, and products for the cleaning procedure. As social awareness for eco-friendly products is increasing people are increasingly becoming aware of hazardous compounds. The U.S. Environment Protection Agency confers an ‘environment-friendly’ product label on products that meet EPAs eco-friendly criteria.

2. Low maintenance equipment’s

Customers from any business want reduced charges with better facilities. The cleaning industry requires some heavy duty equipment like vacuum cleaners. Thus, buying equipment with proper functionality and durability can help in reducing the cost to a considerable extent.

3. Specialized services

Air-conditioning systems are now gaining an edge in the market. Gone are the days when they were limited to giant corporations. Nowadays, even residential buildings are fitted with centralized temperature controlling facilities etc. Thus, the cleaning agencies are also incorporating more and more specialized features like HVAC cleaning, carpet cleaning, restoration services, and other similar value-added services generating higher revenue.

4. Janitor’s Software

With the advent of technology, no industry is away from its grasp. Developing software can help in channelizing the workflow, accurate inventory data, and also help in scheduling appointments, placing quotes and testimonials.

5. Specialized Cleaning Services

From residential to commercial, intensive cleaning is a prime requisite for everyone. In-depth knowledge, expertise, and extensive experience in this field are some of the qualities one needs to acquire to become a thorough professional in this sector.

6. Training

Twenty years ago, the cleaning industry was vastly different from what it is today. Nowadays, the cleaning regime requires precision, care, and professionalism with knowledge of operating automated cleaning machines, along with their handling and specific cleaning regimes. The market trends have shown that companies lose more than half of their potential businesses due to their unprofessional cleaners. Thus training the employees with proper knowledge is gaining prominence for customer retention.

7. Industrial Cleaning

Heavy-duty industries or those dealing with machine engineering need to opt for industrial cleaning. Quite naturally, this particular sector has experienced growth and unmatched development. Industrial hazards can be dangerous and affect the environment to a great extent. With the influx of professionals in the cleaning industry, it becomes easier to handle this waste.

The cleaning industry has gained huge momentum and is growing by leaps and bounds. The advent of innovative cleaning apparatus and new machines have contributed to the growth of this sector and numerous professionals are finding a great career in this industry. Effective social media marketing, excellent customer service, round-the-clock helpdesk, employee’s payroll, and proper wage are few other deciding factors for this industry, and that’s perhaps what is helping it to grow.