The Ugly Truth related to Germs in your Office Space

When COVID-19 came, everyone became more aware of the need for regular cleaning. When cleaning the office, most people focus on the surfaces, floors, restrooms, and kitchen. However, there are areas usually infested by germs that are typically ignored. The desk phone, fridge handle, computer keyboard, or mice are dirtier than you think.

Just because you can’t see dirt doesn’t mean it is not there. Even the air present might be dirty. Regular cleaning methods and equipment usually fail to eliminate all germs. This exposes your staff and clients to significant health risks.

Why not risk Germs in the Office?

A healthy office is sparkling and free from stress. Additionally, uncluttered and clean desks enhance employee productivity. It also eliminates any chances of stress. So, good office hygiene significantly contributes to staff productivity, overall office happiness and improves everyone’s health.

A germ-free working environment ensures few sick people with subsequent reduction in absenteeism. Cleaning your office safeguards against the risk of contamination and the spread of germs. However, a clean office requires more than a mop and bucket.

Professional Cleaning to eliminate Germs

When the pandemic subsided, there was a need for non-essential businesses to reopen. However, measures were necessary to ensure the safety of everyone. This gave rise to the popularity of hybrid and co-working spaces.

This emphasized social distancing for staff not working from home. However, the need to hire an office cleaner in Sydney became more frequent. Desk swapping proved to be encouraging the spread of germs among staff members. So, there’s a need for regular cleaning after every shift to maintain a germ-free environment.

Other Ways to eliminate Germs in the Workplace include:


Wiping desks down using disinfecting wipes regularly should become a habit for staff. Times have changed. You can’t get away with wiping the desk and keyboard a few times every month. Every employee should wipe their desk more often. This should be the norm every morning before everyone begins their tasks.

This is very important for shared desks to ensure that those who come afterward don’t meet germs. Staff should unplug all accessories and wipe them down after every shit. Remember that microbes, including those that cause the common cold, can linger on a surface for about 72 hours. You can have professional cleaners to disinfect the workplace before and after a shift.

No Sharing Pens

Having a holder where anyone could pick a pen to use was common in a traditional office. However tempting it is to grab a pen lying around, it comes with a risk of transmitting germs. An average pen shared in an office carries about 200 bacteria for each square inch. Have a policy in your office that encourages employees to bring their own pens every time and to sanitize them regularly.

No Sharing Mugs

Coffee is the fuel that keeps workers focused. You should advise employees to avoid using coffee mugs left behind. The chances of leaving behind used cups are usually common among staff not used to sharing desks. Keep in mind that these left behind mugs are usually germ-infested. A good idea is to have dedicated personnel pick all mugs before the next shift to wipe with disinfectant.

Being mindful with personal bags

Some employees carry personal backpacks or purses with laptops or other items. However, it is not recommended to place them on the work desk after it has been sanitized. Despite including valuable items, the bags are likely to carry various germs. The employees might have picked up the germs from the cab, home, or office floor. Sensitize your staff on the need to avoid placing their backs on the desks before work.

Cleaning Cell Phones Regularly

With people working in shared or collaborative spaces, picking up and down their cellphones at various times during the day is expected. Cellphones are known for carrying multiple germs. These can have more than 25,000 bacteria for each square inch. A wonderful solution to make your workplace free from germs is to have employees clean their cellphones multiple times throughout the day.

Sanitizing Accessories after Work

After a shift, you should encourage staff to sanitize everything they have been using. These should include notebooks, laptops, pens, and keyboards. This is important since a person is likely going to occupy a different workplace for their next shift. Maintaining this habit will ensure that employees don’t carry germs from the workplace to their homes and vice versa.

Safety is a crucial consideration in the workplace today. Business owners should ensure that staff, visitors, and clients are safe from germs while on the premises. Encouraging staff to sanitize their items regularly helps curb the spread of germs. However, enlisting the services of a professional cleaner will give you peace of mind.