Why Homeschooling is the Right Solution for Competitive Athletes?

There are many advantages in youth sports such as learning to become a team player, dedication to building a skill, healthy exercise and the chance to earn an athletic scholarship in college. The competitive league can start for kids when they are in middle school but high school is where the competition goes to a new level and can impact the teen’s future. Soccer, football, baseball, softball and basketball are just some of the most popular sports where competition is popular and covered by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) which dictates the rules and regulations for athletes. One of the downsides to playing at this level is the player’s responsibility to balance these activities with their schoolwork which can significantly affect their chance to play in college and earn money towards their tuition.

This is where many families turn to homeschooling as a viable solution because it provides the flexibility the student needs to manage these competing priorities which both deserve their full attention. Students in any grade can create a school schedule around their practice times and pick classes that satisfy credits as well as align with their interests. In high school, some homeschool programs offer diverse class loads which can be balanced against the sports season. Online homeschooling can be done anywhere so even for families that travel a great deal because of the sport, the player does not have to fall behind in their work but can simply do it on the road and keep up their grades. Certified teachers are assigned to each class to help students learn the material, answer questions and provide direction towards additional resources when extra assistance is needed.

It is important when looking for the right homeschool program that it contains a list of NCAA core courses which have been approved by this agency. Most competitive players want to play their sport in college and to be eligible to do this and potentially earn scholarship money, the academic work has to be approved by the NCAA. The top online homeschool curriculum options are in alignment so parents should not have difficulty finding this on the site but be sure to ask the admissions office if the list of NCAA core courses is not displayed or easily located. Students do not typically see a difference in the class assignments or exams they take but they can have peace of mind that the school work is helping them work towards their ultimate goal of being a collegiate athlete and possibly taking it to the professional level.

Another benefit of transitioning your athlete to a homeschool program is the pressure release this option provides mentally and emotionally. Competitive sports are physically taxing because of the long hours, intense training and repetitive schedules so going to a traditional classroom means having to keep up with their friends, work around a rigid schedule and stay up late at night trying to get everything done. Online homeschooling takes this pressure away because the student can work at their own pace and decide which schedule works best for them. They can choose to complete their assignments in two or three days so they can focus their training the rest of the week, practice in the morning means school in the afternoon/evening or the reverse may be needed but the possibilities are endless. The students are released from keeping up appearances and maintaining at the same level as their friends and can simply be who they are and do what they love.

Lastly, homeschooling keeps competitive athletes with their families because they can balance high-level training with their studies. Families do not have to send their child away to a boarding school with a sports program where the school helps regulate the priorities nor do they have to spend lots of money hiring a personal coach to work around the public-school schedule. Instead, families can stay together and give the student the chance to have their dream and graduate on time with the credits and list of NCAA core courses they need to take the next step in college.

It doesn’t have to be academics or athletics when online homeschooling provides the ability for a student/player to do both and be successful in the process. Take time to find an accredited online homeschool program with a list of NCAA core courses and talk with your teen about transitioning to an education format that puts them in control in every way. Competitive sports are great for teaching youth vital lessons but it can’t and shouldn’t replace the lessons they need to learn that will help them become a productive adult in the workforce. Bring both sides together and your teen will be able to excel to levels they didn’t know existed with an educational curriculum and devotion to their sports.