Causes and Symptoms of Panic attack – Know how to dealing with Anxiety

Most of us panic in tough situations and can experience some changes in the body. A sudden urge of devastating anxiety and fear hits a human being and is called a panic attack. One can experience palpitation, falling short of oxygen, feeling like you are going crazy or dying. These attacks need to be treated as they will lead to further complications like the panic disorder.

Panic Attack Symptoms

These panic attacks can have physical symptoms like the rapid heart-beat, sweating, chest pain, dizziness, dry mouth, feeling confused, disorientation and the entire body can be felt shaking. There are different time intervals between the panic attacks and it can vary between five minutes to half an hour.

How to cope with the attack?

There are numerous ways to cope up with panic attacks. One should learn to understand the panic attacks and their behavior. Some tips can help you relax through the attack.

Panic attacks are a mind state

Panic attacks can be very uncomfortable and very fearsome, but they are not health threatening or dangerous. They are just a state of mind and not any kind of disease. Some time the panic attack can be related to some other illness.

You are not alone

Understand that panic attacks experienced by many people and you are not the only one experiencing it. Other people also share the similar panic disorders.

Understand the attack

When you experience the uncomfortable attacks, it is nothing but an adrenaline that rushes through the body and can be triggered by some event or incident. These attacks are more of Psychological and can be related to any other physical disorder. Understand what happens before and after the attacks and you can control yourself during the attack. Try to take relaxed breaths and rationalize your thoughts.

Visit the doctor

You will always need medical help and you cannot ignore the panic attacks. Visit a doctor or the Psychologist as they may advise you before taking the drugs. Some drugs may need medical guidance.

Inform near ones

People who are around you should know about your panic attacks. People in the family and the work place should be kept informed as they will be irritated as you will behave strangely without a reason for them. People who know you will have an easier time dealing with the situation and can understand and support you. If people around you have problem to understand the disorder, give them information or search some content from the internet for them to read.

Do not avoid challenging situations

Avoidance can trigger panic and the situation will be avoided. This avoidance will generate attacks and panic may come and wash over you. Fight the tough situations in life and focus on the inhalation in these situations. Avoiding them will give you a phobia.


Learn to relax in the panic attacks and decrease the speed of breathing when you get one. Focus on breathing and decrease the speed of breathing when your heart rate increases. This will pass the oxygen to the brain correctly and you may overcome the panic attack.


Include some form of exercise in your daily routine. It can be any form of physical exercise that will help the overall health. You may understand the panic attacks much better and will feel fresh. Indulge in some yoga sessions, aerobics and brisk walking for more advantages.

Seriously, think about the lifestyle

This is the time to seriously think about the lifestyle you have. Along with exercise you need to focus on the diet you have. Check if you are consuming too much junk food or processed food. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Rest properly

Get approximately 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Good rest will give you energy so that you can handle stress the next day.

Take medicines on time

The medical professionals may advise some medications that will lower the attacks of panic. Some medicines like antidepressants, beta blockers and monoamino oxidase inhibitors can be useful. Check with the doctor or your medical professional of any of these medications can be of any help to you.

Some other things can be combined with the previous tips to treat the panic attacks. Therapies like exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy can be very effective for panic attacks, panic disorders and agoraphobia. Apart from these, an intake of caffeine and smoking habits can provoke panic attacks and so they should be avoided.