Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas for well Organized and Functional Kitchen

Modern apartments are cutting down on the size of kitchens to make it safer for living areas. Space is a huge issue, especially in urban areas. The cities are crammed with buildings, and the new ones have to make use of whatever space they are getting. Everyone wants a high functioning kitchen that also looks great. In such a scenario making the kitchen small is the right solution. This can create a lot of problems when you work inside the kitchen if you do not arrange and decorate the space in a manner that will give you the most effective area.

Some tips and tricks to make a most Functioning Kitchen:

Use Neutral Colors

You should pick neutral colors for your kitchen while it can be chosen for your ceiling and flooring. This will help you detect the dirt and grease and keep the kitchen clean. Neutral colors also tend to light of the space, making it seem bigger. If you are coloring the walls in a lighter shade, then make the cabinets darker to give a contrasting effect and vice versa.

L-shaped kitchen is the best Design

If your house does not have a premade design for the kitchen, then you should construct an L-shaped style kitchen. This shape is excellent for smaller places where creating an island inside your kitchen is impossible. The idea behind this is this shape facilitates the golden triangle model of kitchen design the most. The golden triangle is a plan where the prepping, cooking, and cleaning areas of the kitchen will be at an arm’s length for each other. You must be able to move from one section to the other with ease.

Make sure space had proper Ventilation

The kitchen is where you cook and keep food items; that is why this room needs to be clean and hygienic. You need a sound ventilation system, and if you have windows from where sunlight can come in, then it will work to your advantage. Try to install a good chimney inside the kitchen. You will find there are many brands in the market; you do not have to choose a very pricey one. There should be cross ventilation inside the kitchen to make it airy. You do not want to work in a stuffy kitchen. A small fan can be installed in the kitchen away from the stove, so keep you fresh during the hot summer months.

Plenty of Sockets

Ask your electrician to install plenty of stock sockets inside your kitchen to make it more functional. Try to fix it a bit higher towards the ceiling and away from the kitchen sink. This will let you use the microwave and other electronic appliances in the kitchen. If you are a college student, you would heavily rely on the water boiler and the coffee maker for which you need a socket. Also, ask your electrician to put our child safety latch over the socket lest water gets inside the socket and becomes a hazard.

Install Cabinets

Install cabinets not just for storage but also to make an illusion of a big space. The cabinet should be of a color which is contrasting with the wall to give it a sleek look. Install the cabinet closer to the ceiling to make the height of the room feel taller.

Get a good Refrigerator

This tip may seem a bit redundant, but you must keep this in mind when designing and refurbishing your kitchen. Choose a refrigerator-size that will be perfect for your family. This will give you the storage and the fresh food that you would want to prepare inside your kitchen. Keep the refrigerator at the hand’s distance from the cooking area so that maneuvering between the spaces is smooth.

Use heat resistant materials for the Counter-tops

The heat resistant materials will assist you after you have prepared the meal so that you can keep the hot dishes on the slab without damaging the space. You do not have to rush to the dining table with the hot utensil to play sit down on a surface. This will increase the functionality and will also save your preparing time. The slab should also be of a material that is scratch proof so that you can use it as a chopping board. It should also be sturdy and are so that you can pound your spices or meat on top of it.

Try to choose Modular Kitchen Storage Solutions

Modular kitchen style is perfect for small spaces. These types of design have been created to increase the functional aspect of a space and tend to make smaller areas seem more prominent by making it more efficient. Many companies install modular kitchen storage systems. The market is very competitive so you can get a system that Fox that works for you within your price range.

Grow Herbs inside the Kitchen

This will not only give you the flavor in your dishes, which can also be used as a designing element. It will add a touch of green and will look classy as well as be functional.

The Height of the working areas should be for Everyone

Make the height of the countertop in such a manner that the tallest person, as well as the shortest person, can use it. If the height difference is too much, then keep off study stool inside the kitchen so that people with short height can also work without feeling distressed.


When designing a Functioning kitchen, you must keep in mind that the size won’t be much of an issue if you make the space functional. Do not just add pieces that will create a stunning kitchen but would not assist you to do the work that needs to be done. There are many examples of kitchen designs for every space on the internet. Do your research well and make yourself the perfect Functioning kitchen in no time.