List of Software’s to Setup a Web Designing Company

Looking into the growing edge of Web Technologies, recently I did start my own Web Designing Center. During this journey I am little bit confused about what are the Software’s I need to install in my Lab. In this regard I connected to a Sr. Team leader of IBM. Personally he visited my Lab and reviewed the type of networking we planted. Finally, Thanks to him for clarifying all my queries related to the Software’s we required to install. Here to make your journey easier let us come up with the list of Software’s required to Setup a Web Designing Company.

User Interface (UI) is the area where the User interact to explore the functionalities. To develop an User Interface we required the Software’s like HTML5, CSS3, JS or JQ. As you know HTML and CSS we use to build the Skeleton of a Web page. Wherever JS & JQ we used to implement Client side logic’s such as validations or a Calendar control. This practice help to reduce bandwidth and improve performance of a Web Application.

A professional and smart text editor saves time. So to edit your Codes install some of the Text Editor which is programmer friendly. Here I can suggest to go for “MS Visual Studio” or “Edit Plus“. These text editors takes less time to generate quality Codes.

While developing a Web application it a default behavior to check whether application is browser friendly or not. In this regard I can suggest you to install 4 browsers. Those are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. While installing browsers set Firefox as the default browser.

Tools save time. To easily debug your HTML or CSS or JS or JQ Codes install Firebug plugin. It works in real-time. To learn more about Firebug please visit How to use Firebug Add-on?.

Images are in the heart web. Without images Web is dry. During Web Designing many times we required to edit an image. In this regard it is mandatory to install an Image editing tool. Industry knows to edit an image Adobe Photoshop is recommended as the best image editing tool. Get installed with Photoshop.

To run an Office MS-Office is an awesome Software. It fulfills all the basic requirements of an Office. From Print to create a Presentation MS-Office helps a great. This is the Cause while Configuring your machines for your developers get installed with MS-Office latest version.

To deploy a Web Application to the remote server we required a tool for File Transfer. Today the most popular FTP tools are Core FTP or FileZilla. Get install with these tools while Configuring your machines. These tools make easier to update physical Files on remote server.

Today Agile Methodology is one of the most demanded Software Development methodology. As you know under Agile methodology everyday there is a Team meeting where all the Team players need to sit together. This is the cause I would like to advise you that please install AT&T or Web-Ex like tools. These Tools help great for virtual training and meetings.

To host a Web Application a Web Server is mandatory. If your Web Application is with Open Source then it recommended to install Apache or else if you are with Window based Web Application install IIS. I can suggest it’s wise to install both the Web Servers Apache & IIS.

In case we are going for Open Source Apache Web Server you have to install XAMP.

In case we are going for MS IIS you have to install .NET Framework.

Additionally if we required Database Servers we can go for MS SQL Server or MySQL depending upon our Web Server Configuration.

Including all the above software’s you required some Third party library files like AngularJS, BootStrap, JQuery & QUNIT (For Automation Testing). In future looking into the requirement you can go for additional component’s.