Essential Steps required to Host a Virtual Property Fair

With the virtual stage winning the event industry, it has become very prominent that online and hybrid events will be everyone’s first choice in the years to come. From events like virtual product launches, virtual conferences, virtual property fair to virtual expos and exhibitions, all of them are being successfully hosted over a secure online event platform.

One of the online events that are creating a buzz in recent times is virtual property shows. With top features like a 360-degree tour and a 3D environment, vendors can give a real-like view of their properties to a large group of attendees globally.

To host a successful virtual real estate expo, let us learn about the essential steps required for it;

Know your Target Audience

Attendees are the core of events like online property shows or virtual exhibitions that are hosted to increase sales opportunities and drive sustainable growth. Hence, it is very important to identify your target audience and include features and tools keeping the viewpoints in mind. Knowing your event objectives and understanding your audience will help you plan and execute your event more efficiently.

Choose an Ideal Virtual Property Fair Platform

The virtual expos are usually larger events that involve a wide range of attendees, sponsors, and vendors. So, it is a vital responsibility of the event planners to recognize their event goals and carefully choose an event solution that best suits their needs. The virtual venue should be 100% secure and trustworthy to ensure that the intact information or private details stay safe.

Besides this, property shows are supposed to give a holistic view of the villas, apartments, or bungalows to attract more customers. To do this convincingly, your enterprise solution should be able to create an immersive 3D environment with features like a 360-degree tour, live chat, downloadable property brochures, maps, floor plans to recreate the scenarios of a physical property show.

Also, leading virtual event platforms like Dreamcast provide detailed insights and reports of an event. It helps you further measure the success of the event. This way you can also know if you have been able to meet the expectations of your target audience. Another notable feature that a platform should have is a 24/7 customer support or help desk function to ensure attendees do not find any issues while navigating the platform.

If you wish to enhance the user experience, make sure that your virtual event technology supports multiple devices and operating systems.

Create Customized Exhibitor’s Booth

At an online property show, it is important to keep creative booths that can draw more attendees. You can leverage colorful designs, branded logos, downloadable property catalogs that will help you convert these attendees into potential customers. Booths are designed to convey information about the properties. So, make sure to keep it simple and to the point.

Let Attendees Engage

The online property events should have tools to facilitate 2-way interactions. It will be easier for vendors and interested buyers to have a conversation regarding the property, pricing, and payment procedures. You can include a live chat feature, excellent video & audio tools, business card exchange, or B2B meetings scheduler to let everyone engage and initiate meaningful communications.

Another vital tool is AI-based recommendations that allow potential customers and vendors to connect based on their mutual interests and concerns. It will save ample time, energy, and resources.

You can also add a meeting room where attendees and vendors can have a private chat, send property locations, exchange business cards, negotiate and finalize their deal. For this, you can include a secure payment option to close the deal right then.

Promote your Virtual Property Fair

To welcome more people to your virtual event, you need to ensure that the news of the event happening spreads globally. Likewise, to make your virtual property expo more successful, leverage social media platforms. Create trending hashtags, videos, images, boomerangs and GIFs related to the property fair. Consider posting them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach a global audience and enhance the brand value.

You can also ask your exhibitors to post about the event on their social media pages. It will help in spreading the word to a more number of individuals. Also, you can make the most of email marketing. It is a great tool to send periodic reminders and invitations to your potential attendees. This way, you know who your target customers are and it increases the chances of them attending the event.

Another notable way to spread awareness is by writing guest posts or blogs enriched with engaging content and the latest keywords.

Customer Care

An essential feature of virtual event platforms that play a significant role in improving the attendee experience. The platforms with a 24/7 technical or customer support team can provide immediate assistance to the attendees in case of any emergency.

Detailed Reporting and Insights

With several tools involved in hosting the online events, it is important to know the areas that worked well. So, platforms should be able to help event organizers with a comprehensive report. It includes attendee footprint, count of registrations, the number of downloadable content, the number of messages sent, website visits, and more. It will give a deeper understanding of the event’s success.

Perform a Dry-run

With everything in place, do not get over-confident. Make sure to perform several rehearsals with the platform features to avoid any blunder. Ask your attendees to ensure that they have a strong Internet connection. Check system compatibilities and Internet connection to have a seamless joining and event experience.

Final Word

With the increasing popularity of virtual venues, online property fairs are an excellent way to display, buy, or sell properties. You can find the best suitable and budget-friendly home right from the comfort of sitting at your desired location.

The only thing you need to remember is, people will be attending the events online. So, make sure to offer immersive event experiences by leveraging the latest digital tools and features.