What is a Cryptocurrency Trading Signal?

Cryptocurrency trading is what many people strive to engage with lately, for this activity looks quite profitable and may bring profit in the short and long term. However, trading is not as easy as it may seem, and an unprepared user may face many difficulties when trying it for the first time. In this article, we want to discuss the essence of crypto trading and cryptocurrency trading signals.

Cryptocurrency rates live are presented in real time on crypto charts. The price of digital assets is always changing, and it is easy to see red and green lines indicating drops and rises on charts. Charts are the basis for analysis. Without charts, it would be impossible to assess crypto rates and complete a correct forecast about further fluctuations. It is crucial for efficient trading and investing.

Analyses made for quality Trading:

  • Technical research (analysis of price charts, historical indicators, patterns, etc.).
  • Fundamental analysis (research of the external factors in the world that can impact the crypto market).
  • Quantitative analysis (calculating financial ratios and indicators based on technical and fundamental research).

Quality analysis requires theoretical knowledge and practice. Those who only begin their journey in the crypto trading face many difficulties trying to assess the market. There is an option to start trading right now, skipping the analytical stage – to use crypto trading signals.

What are Trade Crypto Signals?

A cryptocurrency trading signal is a program that allows traders to keep track of professional investors actions and repeat them. Experienced traders carry out quality market analysis and provide information about their investment steps to other market participants, sharing their experiences. It may be paid channels or platforms users subscribe to and follow. So, you can buy and sell digital assets, following signals in real-time.

However, we recommend studying trading and practising it on your own. Every step you do will have logic; thus, you will receive skills and confidence much faster, rather than repeating someone else’s steps without thinking. On the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, you can practice demo trading, polishing your trading skills and finding the gaps in your knowledge, which will give you a priceless experience.