Factors to Consider before buying a hard Water Detergents

Since the time you have started doing laundry or dishes, you may have changed detergents and more detergents to find a perfect one. Detergents are of more than one type. There may be general detergent, suitable for all kind of fabrics, or they may be suitable for the only light type of fabrics and vice versa. However, whatever the types of detergent are, the quality of water they are mainly soluble in, matters a lot and so impacts the washing process.

Especially, the hard water is the most difficult to deal with for washing usage. The lesser solubility of the detergent into the water and also the leftover mineral deposits effects the cleanliness of the clothes and dishes, etc. Hard water also leaves irritations and dryness on human skin as well as leaves behind odour and stains.

Therefore, if you face hard water usage issues, you must choose a detergent suitable for hard water, and further, for that, you must put the following factors into consideration before buying a hard water detergent.

However, note that only after knowing the hardness of water of your area according to the minerals present in that, you can know the amount of detergent to use while washing.

Therefore, follow these instructions.

Use Liquid Detergents

The powdered detergent is not recommended for washing with hard water. (Know more at housewatermatters.com) The powdered solid matter sticks with the minerals present in hard water and becomes less effective.

Even a research study suggests that when you are using powdered detergent, you have to increase the amount of detergent by 14.5%, and sometimes, even 31%.

On the other hand, liquid detergents are quite hardness resistant and are effective in both soft and hard water. They do not even need high temperature to be soluble and start working.

Odor Combating Quality

Choose a detergent that would contain fragrance that combats bad odor and stinky smell after drying.

Some people also look for fragrance-free detergents; you may choose a detergent containing a very mild sweet smell that will not smell strong and sharp and annoy you.


As the washing quality of a detergent becomes less in hard water, the bleach added to it helps it to pick dirt and stains in a better way. So, choose a detergent that even removes lipstick, coffee, wine, polish stains from your cloth. There are many such strong detergents available. Especially, for white cloths, products containing bleach are recommended. For colorful, the brighteners should be used for saving their colors from being faded away and so that they remain fresh even after being washed in hard water. Note that do not use bleach containing detergent while washing baby clothes as, as a result, they might catch certain allergies.

pH Balancer

Your detergent should contain a pH balancer so that it is ensured that the detergent is fully washed off your clothes upon being rinsed and is not left over.

Baking Soda Additive

Make sure that you buy such a detergent that contains baking soda as an ingredient in it. Baking soda when added in detergent, softens the clothes and fights with hardness caused by the hard water.

Easily Washable in any Temperature

When it comes to hard water, detergents are usually more soluble in hot water. But no doubt, there are many detergents available on the market that are effective in both hot and cold/tap water temperatures. So pick such a detergent for your ease.

Apart from these, as a result of these qualities, you may find detergents quite expensive. But do not worry, there is a wide range of detergents that contain a bunch of these multiple qualities and are also price friendly. What you have to do is just to do good market research. You will find an ideal detergent to use in the hard water soon. Just keep the above conditions in mind. Lastly, if you are facing hard water issues, using a washing machine instead of bucket washing will help you to an extent as well because of the fastened process and better circulation.