OptinMonster vs SumoMe – What you Should?

Digital marketing space has become a competitive field, where many users are increasing on a daily basis and marketers are also becoming part of the Global phenomenon. A landing page is an important factor to affiliate market or a company that is trying to sell their services. Landing pages providers came existence, where you get access to convert landing pages that have proven to be working for someone else. Read below to explore OptinMonster vs SumoMe.

OptinMonster vs SumoMe

Optinmonster and SumeMe are the major competitors in the market, who are providing proven email list building tool which optimized and known to work for many people. Which is the better solution? Its OptinMonster, let me give the reasons.

1. Customer Support and Service

Both companies have customer support in their packages, which helps you clear your doubts and questions. They are responsive and helps you to solve your issues.


2. Pricing

There is a reason why we have added pricing before anything else because there is no way we can find the companies products usable unless we give it a shot. No matter how many reviews you read, if it fails to satisfy to fill your requirements, then they mean nothing.

SumoMe Pricing https://sumo.com/pricing

OptinMonster Pricing https://optinmonster.com/pricing/

As you can see that OptinMonster pricing is lesser than SumoMe, which is an affordable and quality service. However, they don’t provide any trial version or free-version to test the services, which is a shame for such a company.

If you want to use it for free of cost, then go for SumoMe.


3. Features

OptinMonster has started off as a WordPress plugin, which is based on HTML, but the growing popularity and usage have changed the way it was in the past. But, we cannot tell the benefits until we compare the features.

Opt-In Types

Sidebar – Sidebar email opt-ins is known to work for everyone, and the conversion rate is decent, but many people think that they don’t it is an effective method. Before trying anything else, take one week to test the sidebar email opt-in.

WinnerOptinMonster and SumoMe

Lightbox Popup – A pop-up email opt-in is the best way to grab the attention of any visitor because it shows up on the middle of the screen and explains the benefits of it. Neil Patel has used the pop-ups version for a very longtime because he has seen a greater increase in conversion.

OptinMonster has pioneered this features, how? They have used a smart technique and improved their tool by understanding the visitor’s behavior.

1. They have added email popup on the screen when someone visits, after five seconds the email popup will appear, which helps the reader or visitor to be in a comfortable position to hit the email address or simply leave without any interruption. The technique is similar to the Quora site.

2. The second method is when a reader or a user on your website reading the content, after scrolling down to the half of the content, then the pop-up will appear. The conversion rate is higher when you proved that your content is helping the person.

3. Smartphones are the highest used gadgets in many countries, so OptinMonster offers you mobile devices email popup.


Floating Bar –It considered smooth way to collect the email address. Although the conversion rate is not that good, where the risk of losing a lot of emails from your readers.But they are smooth and do not add any pressure on your Personal Computer.

However, we recommend you to give it a shot and test it for a week, then make modifications once in a week to test, which one works best for you.


Slide-in – It’s very smooth on OptinMonster because you don’t need to learn any coding to configure it and there aren’t many options that confuse you. As the visitors scroll down to check out the rest of the content and it appears on the screen smoothly.


Both software has some advantages and disadvantages. However, if you want to try a different similar software with more features then Growth Funnel can be a great alternative.


OptinMonster developed by a WordPress Blogger, who knows the area very well and is aware of the requirements of the bloggers. Let us know your thoughts in the Comment section.