Positives and Drawbacks Exogenous Ketones vs Endogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones are consumed with foods and supplements while endogenous ketones are produced by the body. Both are beneficial with an advantage to those produced by the body. But in many cases, reaching this point can be a long process and many people will not feel motivated enough or will simply lack the knowledge to do it the right way.

Ketones (Cleveland Leader Ketones) play an important role in ketosis and on the Ketogenic diet. They are normally increased in number when you consume a low carbohydrate diet. At the same time, reaching this stage can take a long period of time and this is why it is important to consider if a top exogenous ketones supplement is the solution for your needs.

The Positives and Drawbacks of Exogenous Ketones

There are positive and negative aspects of both types of ketones. In order to understand the full process, it can be a good idea to compare ketone with Creatine, which is also produced by the body and which can also be consumed as a supplement. While the Creatine produced by the body is enough for all people, when you want to improve strength or gain weight, supplementation can make these objectives achievable faster. The same can be applied when it comes to ketones as well.


Exogenous or the ketones which come from outside the body in the form of supplementation can be very convenient to consume. There are hundreds of products to consider and the good news is that you will thus be able to find a solution which can show results on the spot.

Since they are fast to digest and absorb into the blood, exogenous ketones can represent a convenient solution when you want quick results. It can improve your ketone production which ultimately leads to better energy levels as well.

It is also the cases that many exogenous ketones also come in formulations which contain healthy fats. Thus, you have the ability to choose products which are truly optimized when it comes to good results in terms of the complexity and the nutrient profile needed on the Keto diet.

Faster Ketosis

When it comes to reaching ketosis, you might feel that you lack energy or even the motivation to sustain the Keto diet. This is where exogenous ketones can minimize the time needed to reach ketosis and it can thus be one of the leading solutions when it comes to good overall health, especially in the conditions in which you get the ability to work with some of the best products in terms of nutrient safety as well.

If in most cases this process only lasts for a few days, some people might feel the drop of glucose levels very differently. This is where every little step forward can help and for many people, it means that you have the ability to work with products which are easy to use and which allow you a good overall result when it comes to visible results in a short period of time.

Not as Effective as Endogenous Ketones

But there are some drawbacks to exogenous ketones as well. Some people even claim that they are not as effective as endogenous ketones. To an extent, this can be true, especially since they have to go through the digestive process first. But the information is yet to be fully analyzed in its complexity and many people still report good results with exogenous ketone consumption.

The Positives and Drawbacks of Endogenous Ketones

Endogenous ketones are produced by the body. They allow you to reach your ketosis naturally, simply by decreased carbohydrate intake to about 5% of the total daily calories and increasing fats intake to about 75% of your daily calories. You thus have the ability to choose some of the best products when it comes to good overall health and it is important to know that you can even improve your own results when it comes to better overall nutrition as well as it is all in your control.

Produced by the Body

Endogenous ketones are produced by the body. This means that you will see an increase in ketone levels when you consume the right foods. From an educational perspective, this is the only true method of learning more about your body and how the foods you consume make it lose weight through the Keto diet. It is thus recommended to always start with the natural solution first and only use supplementa