Alternatives for Petrol, Switching to CNG is how beneficial for my Vechicle?

With the rising prices of Petroleum people are looking for alternatives for Petrol & Diesel. Both of them, especially in India, is on a rise. One of the great alternatives for Petrol is Switching to CNG. Compressed Natural Gas which is the compressed form of Methane is stored at high pressure and used in the Internal Combustion Engines. It is also known that we cannot use CNG as fuel type in Diesel engines.

Switching to CNG has been popularizing in India due to its eco-friendly nature. It emits much fewer gasses after combustion than we see in Petrol and Diesel. Almost all of the manufacturers provide CNG kits in their Genuine Accessory list. As the prices of petroleum is on a rise, more and more people are looking forward to the CNG kits.

Usually, when we require an instant power it’s Petrol power which is preferred. Mostly after the fitment of CNG kit, the car can run on both the fuel types CNG as well as Petrol. Here are some of the points which you must look after if you are going for a CNG kit for your new car.

Running Costs

As we know the cost of petroleum is on an increase, while CNG is available for a much lower rate. This lowers the running cost your vehicle by a huge margin. You will get a surprising fuel efficiency of Rs. 1.25 per kilometer which is much better than petrol.

Eco Friendly

As we know most of the public transports run on the CNG gas because it emits much less when compared to Petrol and Diesel. Switching to CNG produces up to 30% lesser greenhouse gasses and over 95% fewer tailpipe emissions which makes it better for Environmental concerns.

Low Maintenance Cost of CNG Vehicles

Compressed Natural Gas is a much cleaner source of energy than petrol. Using CNG most of the time elongates the life of spare parts used in the Engine such as spark plug, pipes, and mufflers. CNG not only lowers the maintenance cost but also elongates the overall life of the engine.

Safer Medium of Energy

Mostly in accidents, the vehicles catch fire due to leakage of Diesel or Petrol. This makes them dangerous. The CNG tanks used in vehicles are strong as they are meant to store compressed gases. CNG tank when leaked disperses in the air and there is no issue of any type of fire which is usually there in Petroleum-powered vehicles.

Everything doesn’t have its positives, there are a couple of negatives also which one must look after. Here are the points which are the disadvantages of fitting a CNG in your vehicle.

Less Storage Spaces

Mostly in all the car, there is no separate place to store CNG gasses, and compared to petrol tanks the tank for CNG need to be larger which is then kept inside the trunk of the vehicle. This eats the space of the trunk and restricts you from keeping stuff inside the vehicle.

Reduced Performance

As we know about the engines being made and optimized for Petrol fuel and when we use it with CNG there is a drop in the claimed performance figures of the car.

Change Fuel type in RC Card

Usually, when we change the type of fuel in the car we have to get it registered with the local RTO. This is done so that the government knows about the exact number of vehicles with the said fuel type. Without getting the fuel type changed in RC our Vehicle is not going to get insured by the insurance company as the vehicle type is different from the RC card we are having. Hence it is important for us to get it changed in the RC Card.

Genuine Accessory CNG Kit or Third – Party CNG Kits

There are different types of kits available in the market. Mostly these kits are the same and provide the same service as one another. One must only get these kits installed from professionals so that the installation is proper and you don’t get any issues thereafter. So It is better to stick with company fitted CNG kit.

Almost all the vehicle manufacturers have their own kits available as a part of genuine accessory. Maruti, Hyundai & Honda offers the kits and its spare parts via the showroom. Mahindra is the only manufacturer offers the CNG kits and its genuine spare parts both via their online store and offline.

Although there are disadvantages of CNG, it is the only fuel widely available which is environment friendly, and also lowers the running cost of the vehicle. Considering the pollution rate and the rising price of petroleum, CNG is the best option for transportation. Get a company fitted CNG kit and save some buck while travelling in comfort.

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