Benefits of Electric Vehicles over Traditional Fuel Vehicles

As the population of India is increasing rapidly, the number of vehicles, inflation in fuel prices are also increasing. Due to this the consumption in traditional fuels such as petroleum products is at its peak. These resources are limited as they are extracted from the earth’s crust and may become extinct soon. Considering this issue, several programs are initiated by the government. Additionally, the vehicle companies are shifting from petroleum fuel vehicles to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles seem to be a boon in this industry with a lot of excellent benefits. Here we are going to provide you with a detailed analysis of electric vehicles and will discuss the benefits of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are modified in such a way that they use electric batteries rather than petrol or diesel for their functioning. These have a lot of advantages over fuel vehicles. This technology was discovered in 1827 but due to lack of research it didn’t get developed.

In this modern and technical era, the researchers and developers managed to develop high quality batteries that can be even used to drive a loaded truck. Latest Lithium ion batteries are used which are durable and powerful enough to be used in electric vehicles.

Benefits of Electric vehicles

1. Reduction of Pollution

As we all know that due to petroleum fuel based vehicles smoke is released which consists of harmful gases including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and sulphur dioxide. These emitted gases are inhaled by humans and lead to severe diseases such as Asthma, Lung cancer, etc.

Electric vehicles use electricity and do not emit smoke, which is a great step to reduce the pollution. Electricity is produced by coal in thermal power plants which also emits harmful gases consisting of fly ash. As a great alternative, solar and wind energy can be used to produce electricity which will completely eliminate the pollutants from air. In case you want to purchase any electric vehicle, you can read its complete information on My Electric car.

2. Low Maintenance Expense

Electric vehicles require a low maintenance and as compared to petrol and diesel vehicles. These vehicles have a few mechanical parts and the chances of damage are also reduced. Therefore, you may save a lot of money annually which might be spent on maintenance of petrol or diesel vehicles.

On the other hand, the government is promoting electric vehicles and started some awareness campaigns. Additionally the government is providing a subsidy of nearly 1.5 lakh rupees on the purchase of any electric vehicle in its electrical vehicle policy.

3. Less Running Expense

As we discussed earlier, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing due to inflation. Using petroleum vehicles in such inflation will make your ride expensive. On the other hand electricity is cheaper than petrol hence it provides you cheap rides.

According to a research and test, on a single charge, an electric car covered a distance of nearly 380 kms and the running cost per km was nearly 1.3 Rs per km. So, with a low maintenance cost, the electric vehicles have a low running cost which will save your money. In our recommendation, you should shift to an electric vehicle rather than using a traditional fuel based vehicle.

4. Charging at Home

Most of the electricity companies are launching electric vehicle charging stations at various popular and crowded locations. Some charging stations are being installed on petrol pumps also, but the electric vehicles can also be recharged at home if you have optimum power load. This makes using these vehicles more comfortable and affordable.

Better spacing, comfortable and noiseless driving, more convenient, good pick up and speed, safety, and great efficiency are some other excellent benefits of electric vehicles. From cars to scooters, commercial vehicles to heavy vehicles all are available in electronic format.


There are a lot of reasonable benefits that will help you in saving money while using electric vehicles. The upcoming era will be of electric vehicles as the fuel resources are in danger.

Considering these benefits of electric vehicles, you should purchase them if you are willing and you will never regret using them. The prices of electric vehicles over traditional fuel based vehicles are nearly same. In case you find this article helpful, do not forget to share this with your friends.