Dr. Frank Roach Highlights the Mistakes We make When Brushing Our Teeth and How to Fix Them?

We know that it is very important to brush our teeth two times a day and that is what we teach our kids. But, there is more to it than just brushing your teeth early in the morning & evening for your oral care and a perfect smile.

Here we will look at top mistakes we make while brushing our teeth with solutions on how to fix it in a right way by Dr. Frank Roach. So, without wasting any time, let us start:

1. Never brush your teeth just after your meals

Every one of us has that habit of brushing our teeth after every meal, do you know it is not advised to brush teeth immediately after your meal? Brushing very soon after the meal can lead to the damage of your tooth enamel, which is in the weakened state. After drinking or eating, you must wait 60 minutes before you brush your teeth; particularly if you have had something with carbohydrates or sugar. To clean your mouth, either you can drink plenty of water or chew any sugarless gum when waiting for brushing.

2. Never use hard bristles toothbrush

Brushing your teeth with hard bristles will not help to clean your teeth. Actually, it will damage your gums or cause sensitive teeth. Medium and hard toothbrush bristle push back your gum margins, which expose the tooth surfaces and can cause cavities and periodontal disease. While it comes about brushing, make sure you choose soft bristles as it will clean your teeth without any damage to your enamel.

3. Incorrect Brushing Technique

The doctor advises to brush your teeth in circles – never go back & forth. The circular motions are gentle and highly effective in cleaning the gaps. Your toothbrush must make contact with the teeth and gum line. Make sure you use a lighter touch, never press down very hard. Tilt your tooth brush vertically behind your front and bottom area of teeth and do gentle rolling strokes by using the front half of your brush.

4. Do not rinse your mouth with after you finish brushing your teeth

Yes – you heard it right, you will spit the paste out, when water enters its mix – and cuts down the fluoride efficiency from the toothpaste. Many have the habit of rinsing their mouth with water. You can use mouthwash or rinse with fluoride than water. Just use mouthwash, rinse and gargle and spit it out.

5. Brushing quite often

Brushing many times a day is equally bad. Do not be very abrasive on the teeth and it will damage your teeth and gums. Doing it as a habit will create the sensitive teeth or other dental troubles.

6. Not Using Floss

Suppose you have not started using – then make it a strong habit to begin flossing every day. Flossing is needed once in a day for right removal of plaque between the teeth, and where your brush does not reach. If the plaque isn’t removed by brushing and flossing then it turns in hard calcified deposits in your teeth. It is very important that you set up a proper system so that you will be getting in those tough to find areas between the teeth – haven for bacteria and germs thriving on the food bits. Make it a habit that you floss every day after your brush.

How Long Can You Wait After the Meal for Brushing Your Teeth?

Many people do not wait after eating their meal to brush the teeth. After eating – pH levels in your mouth drop and saliva has the higher acid content. When you brush your teeth you actually rub the acids deeper in your tooth enamel. You have to wait 30 minutes after the meal when you start brushing your teeth.

This takes more than 3 weeks to learn any new habit. Make sure you include at least one change in your teeth-brushing method each week. You will see your mouth feels much fresher. The regular visits to your dentist and avoiding teeth-brushing mistakes can ensure a long-term tooth and gums protection. With this you will develop some very good habits when cleaning your teeth. I hope you have noted this point and next time you will pay attention to your brushing habits.