Specialized Treatments to treat Fleas on your Puppy

Raising a puppy probably is one of the most conventional ways for myriad people to have a relaxing time. However, many owners are not aware of a potential danger coming from tiny insects living on the puppy: “fleas”. In this article, let’s take a look at several effective treatments to banish all Fleas on your Puppy without harming our little pets.

To begin with, I would like to emphasize that an infestation to puppy is not unconventional. Puppies at very young weeks old are usually playful and mischievous. Therefore, our pup can incidentally get flea when walking out the door or parading in the park. Many owners raise puppies very carefully whereas wingless fleas still invade easily. Subsequently, all their minds just spin around how dreadful the situation is. They pay too much attention to bad consequences. To put it differently, people get confused due to very little information of a safe and effective treatment. In fact, we should not be too worried, our pets are attacked as victims and our responsibility is to help them come over. How? Let’s take several simple steps below to end up flea obsession immediately.

Check Infestation

In the first place, it is compulsory to check the flea infestation on your pup. Generally, there are some obvious signs from the pets within a few days after infestation: drooping, scratching, having itches. When you catch sight of any of them, it’s time to think about some flea treatments. Check and find out which parts are invaded by flea. Flea has a habit to make its nest near some places as ears, under paws, under bell…Notice them! If you can see a huge amount of dark balls there which are tiny and unnatural, they are fleas and their eggs.

Cleaning Treatments

After checking the situation of pup, let them take a bath with soapy water. I recommend take them to the bathroom. Bathing with soapy water is truly simple; however, it is also amazingly effective. Flea can survive in different harsh environments except the soapy one. By soapy water, that adult and larvae fleas would be killed. Only egg form can be partly resistant. As a result, it is able to remove most of fleas by a bathing with soap.

After that, remember to clean puppy’s bedding and room in case any flea can hide there. It is better to vacuum the entire house and separate pups for one or two days. Fleas have an amazing fertility. Only when do we clean them completely, the flea obsession would fade away.

Specialized Treatments

About further step, there are so many solutions to get rid of fleas. However, puppies should be treated with specialized treatments which are not harmful to their own health. In my advice, I would prefer to use flea comb or tweezers. Young puppy can prefer by-hand treatment instead of others. In addition, grooming flea comb or removing with tweezers is an easy mission. Some other methods can be available such as biological kill-flea products, chemical products. However, I just recommend using it for the pup being over 14 weeks. Take a look at this website for more available flea treatment like that.

If you once experienced a flea infestation, you would comprehend how annoying it is. Moreover, with very young pup, it can lead to some diseases and dreadful health. On the another side, some suitable treatments are not complex at all. Why don’t spend time doing one of them. I hope that all recommendations above would be in some helps for you. Wish you have a good time with your playful pups!

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